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Genasys Protect & LRAD

Essential Hurricane Preparedness Tools

Enhance hurricane response, evacuation, and reentry by efficiently managing complex logistics, improving internal and external communication, and simplifying data-driven decision-making. Visualize high volumes of information, inform and coordinate the public, and collaborate seamlessly across all participating public agencies with Genasys Protect.

Keep people safe with advanced notification and decision-making technology.

Response Coordination
Search & Rescue

Genasys hardware and software work together to minimize the impact of catastrophic hurricanes and tropical storms

The Genasys suite of solutions ensures real-time communication within your responding teams and offers round-the-clock protection for your communities—even when they don’t opt in. EVAC‘s zone-based planning streamlines the process of coordinating evacuations, notifying people, and guiding them to safety, while integrated weather sensors issue automated alerts through various channels, including a mobile citizen’s app and long-range speakers that deliver clear, understandable messages to those at risk. 

The map-based platform provides an instant snapshot of population, structures, vehicle count, and area size, enabling swift decision-making. Visualize evacuation progress through traffic AI modeling that accounts for road congestion and closures to aid the decision-making process. 

After the hurricane passes, Genasys’ targeted communications reach residents beyond jurisdictional boundaries, keeping them informed during reentry. CONNECT facilitates seamless collaboration between all participating agencies and volunteers in search and rescue operations via real-time chat. Helicopter and boat-mounted LRADs help locate survivors and reduce panic by informing them help is on the way.

Facilitate collaborative emergency response and effectively manage the mass movement of large groups of people with Genasys.

Comprehensive Public Communication
Deliver real-time alerts and warnings to all residents, including those in remote areas, impacted by hurricanes. Genasys ensures timely updates on storm paths, evacuation routes, and emergency procedures, providing critical information for comprehensive coverage.

Simplified Data Visualization
Visualize extensive data through an intuitive map-based platform. Collaborate seamlessly with agencies using a common operating picture, simplifying mass evacuations and responses to flash floods from a hurricane’s wide impact. Streamline decision-making for complex scenarios.

Multi-Jurisdictional Collaboration
Facilitate two-way communication and messaging between multiple authorities and emergency management agencies with real-time data and vital information from agencies, federal departments, and military support to guarantee a cohesive response during a hurricane.

Durable and Reliable Systems
Built to withstand extreme weather conditions, many Genasys Protect products maintain functionality during hurricanes and associated power outages. Their robust design ensures continuous operation, providing uninterrupted service for emergency communications when it matters most.

County of Greenwood, SC, Logo
“We are excited to add the Genasys solution as the latest addition to our emergency preparedness infrastructure. This powerful mass notification system will improve the county’s ability to disseminate critical information and ensure the safety and well-being of all residents. By signing up for Genasys alerts, community members can stay informed and take appropriate actions during emergencies, contributing to a more resilient and prepared community.”
Director Derek Oliver,
Emergency Service Director, Greenwood County, SC

Genasys Software and Hardware for Hurricanes:

EVAC: Use a zone-based map to facilitate targeted updates, public outreach, and effective decision-making. Visualize shelters, road closures, and critical facilities through EVAC’s common operating picture. Keep the public updated with an available website and location-focused mobile app.

ALERT: Broadcast targeted alerts and multi-channel communication through SMS, voice calls, media, IPAWS, outdoor acoustic devices, and additional platforms to reach people swiftly and reliably in their homes and on the move.

ACOUSTICS & LRAD: Broadcast specific, actionable long range voice commands and information with outdoor warning sytems. Send messages heard and understood above the noise of a thunderous storm, inside vehicles or buildings during evacuations, and during search and rescue operations. Keep broadcasts going even when power or satellite connectivity is down.

TRAFFIC AI by Ladris: Take traffic modeling and simulation to the next level. Respond swiftly to looming hurricanes with a clear understanding of traffic congestion, helping plan for contra-flow and avoiding miles-long traffic jams. Aid in both evacuation and repopulation with TRAFFIC AI.

CONNECT: Enable safe, secure, and compliant collaboration both within and between agencies to enhance daily operations and swiftly communicate with teams during a potential hurricane crisis.

Meet the public where they are, whether or not they register

Genasys Citizen mobile app and website

Zone-based mass notification using IPAWS-WEA

WAZE integration

Esri integration

Social media and Email integration

Outdoor, always-connected speakers to broadcast voice communication with specific actionable information