Genasys Protect To Keep You Ready when it Matters

The Unified Protective Communications Platform


Aggregate data from multiple sources to form a single operating picture. Model real-time events using hyper-local information and simulate responses, including evacuation routes.


Deliver actionable information to the public. Saturate response zones by simultaneously delivering context-specific notifications across personal devices, public notification systems and installed or proprietary devices.


Analyze collected data to inform and improve future event responses.

Maximize Your Protective Communications Investment

Go beyond stand-alone mass notification or critical event management solutions with the comprehensive collection of Protective Communications capabilities.

API-First Data Foundation

Connect to a customized mix of the most trusted public, private and proprietary data sources to form a complete, unified operating picture.

Intelligent Zone-Based Planning

Designate geography-based zones to map your jurisdiction according to population, topography, and assets.

Predictive Simulation 

Validate response plans by testing “what-if” scenarios before an event occurs and simulate the impact of changing conditions as an event unfolds.

Multi-Channel Alert Saturation

Blanket response zones with location-appropriate messaging and clear instructions to move people out of harm’s way.

Genasys 360 Acoustic Devices

Provide failsafe redundancy via highly audible and intelligible loudspeaker messaging. 

Genasys Network Effect

Extend coverage and enable greater precision by recruiting nearby jurisdictions and private-sector organizations to Genasys Protect. 

Trust the Genasys Protect Foundation

Drawing on a record of success over 4 decades, Genasys Protect is built on proven technology that provides emergency managers a unified operating picture of events and granular control to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Proven Technology

Genasys solutions have been on the front lines for more than 40 years.

Unified Operating Picture

One common safety operating picture provides real-time, zone-by-zone visibility.

Cloud-First Platform

Our cloud-first platform ingests numerous discrete data streams through API-first data integration, built on open standards. 

Unmatched Alert Precision

Customized zone mapping enables pinpoint targeting of mass notifications.

Genasys Protect for Government

Keep Communities Ready when It Matters

Protect people and communities from the harmful effects of unexpected and unavoidable critical events.

Genasys Protect for Enterprise

Uphold Your Duty of Care and Minimize Disruptions

Digitize your business continuity plan, and communicate with employees and stakeholders through multi-channel delivery.