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Genasys Protect To Keep You Ready when it Matters

Genasys Protect

The Unified Protective Communications Platform

The Genasys Protect platform is a full suite of Protective Communications tools for all hazards providing for targeted communication, data-driven decision making, secure inter-agency collaboration, and more. No other platform delivers integrated hardware and software for proactive preparedness and diverse multi-channel communication to ensure you are “Ready when it matters.“ 

React quickly to unexpected events and emergencies with targeted, flexible zones, predictive simulation, and emergency warning and mass notification solutions. Community members can stay informed with real-time alerts and notifications through multiple channels, including through the Genasys website or mobile app. Go beyond stand-alone mass notification or critical event management with Genasys Protect.

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Genasys Protect Keeps You Ready When it Matters

Maximize Your Protective Communications Investment

Go beyond stand-alone and reactive mass notification or critical event management solutions with the comprehensive collection of Protective Communications capabilities.

Targeted Communications

Send specific, targeted communications with location-appropriate messaging and clear instructions to keep people informed and aware.

Intelligent Zone-Based Planning

Designate geography-based zones to map your jurisdiction according to population, topography, and assets.

Secure Collaboration

Foster seamless, compliant real-time collaboration across organizations, keeping teams informed in one, secure space.

Multi-Channel Alert Saturation

Saturate notification areas by simultaneously alerting people across SMS, voice calls, social media, TV, radio, digital signage, IPAWS, CBC, and outdoor acoustic devices.

Genasys 360 Acoustic Devices

Provide failsafe redundancy via highly audible and intelligible loudspeaker messaging. 

Community Awareness

Keep community members updated with the latest information from the Genasys Protect website or free mobile app.

Trust the Genasys Protect Foundation

Drawing on a record of success over 4 decades, Genasys Protect is built on proven technology that provides emergency managers a unified operating picture of events and granular control to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Proven Technology

Genasys solutions have been on the front lines for more than 40 years.

Unified Operating Picture

One common safety operating picture provides real-time, zone-by-zone visibility.

Cloud-First Platform

Our cloud-first platform ingests numerous discrete data streams through API-first data integration, built on open standards. 

Complete Protective Communications

Target mass notifications with precision, plan responses with intelligent zones, and collaborate securely in compliance, all in one platform.

Genasys Protect Solutions


Highly audible and clear voice messaging up to thousands of meters away, staying on and connected even during broad power outages and network downtime.
Learn more about ACOUSTICS.


Comprehensive, zone-based alerting, and multi-channel communication to reach people quickly and reliably, using real-time data.
Learn more about ALERT.


Secure, real-time inter- and intra-agency communication and collaboration, addressing the strictest requirements of public safety agencies, hospitals, financial services, and business communications.
Learn more about CONNECT.


Intelligent zoning that reduces the time from incident recognition to community notification by 90%, accelerating decision-making and communication of actionable messages to the community.
Learn more about EVAC.

Genasys Protect
for Any Organization

  • Public Safety
  • Enterprise, Health Care, Financial Services, & Utilities
  • Higher Education
Public Safety
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Multi-Channel Communications

Provide first responders and emergency managers with the ability to reach people in harm’s way through multi-channel communications, including Genasys ACOUSTICS, and give the critical information they need.

Evacuation Planning

Evacuate people in harm’s way quickly with targeted geographical zones, tested evacuation plans, and consistent communication during and after an event.

Cross-Agency Collaboration

Reduce complexity and get first responders, emergency managers, and neighboring jurisdictions aligned with a common operating picture.

Synchronized Leadership

Keep your public safety leaders in-sync with city objectives and activities through direct communication tools and team collaboration features.

Enterprise, Health Care, Financial Services, & Utilities
Business Continuity

Maintain continuity of operations with timely and pertinent notifications. Connect facility sensors to send targeted alerts automatically when dangerous readings are detected.

Comprehensive Communication

Maintain updated contact information and communicate with visitors in your facilities through Wi-Fi auto-discovery. Establish two-way communication with anyone including employees, customers, visitors, contractors, and suppliers.

Asset and Stakeholder Protection

Increase the precision of your message to team members and visitors with intelligent zones. Send information to those who need it most.

Streamlined Workflows

Enhance workflows with individuals, groups, or teams who can communicate, coordinate and address organizational concerns internally, with customers, and external organizations.

Higher Education
Campus Safety

Communicate more effectively with campus security, medical staff, and first responders during critical events while sending safety information and instructions to students, faculty, and staff.

Crisis Planning

Prepare for emergencies using intelligent zones across the entire campus to target communications based on specific buildings or areas in harm’s way.

Daily Communication

Enable student, faculty, and staff collaboration and communication for all matters such as scheduling changes, emergencies, or even class discussions with professors and students.

Event Coordination

Facilitate event coordination, from reunions to shows or sports, with cross-organizational communication, fostering a collaborative approach between internal and external resources.

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