React swiftly to crises and ensure public safety.

Inform and coordinate all stakeholders during events, broadcasting alerts and critical information.

Secure Communications

Access a secure space where professionals form groups for one-off incidents or teams that stay in contact over the long run while adhering to the strictest security and safety regulations.

Cross-Agency Collaboration

Enable cross-agency collaboration through secure real-time day-to-day exchanges of information and a common operating picture for a unified response to large scale events.

Reporting and Documentation

Streamline incident reporting and documentation processes. Meet HIPA, CJIS, and record retention requirements.

Long Range Acoustic Devices

Use LRAD to broadcast live or pre-recorded voice messages over loud background noise and into buildings to notify & instruct, determine intent, and establish large safety zones.

Genasys Protect: The Communications Solution for Federal Agencies

Accelerate decision-making through in-depth, real-time situational awareness. Enhance cross-agency collaboration and communication to accelerate response times during large scale threats. Protect military installations with long range acoustic devices to broadcast alerts and critical information.

Genasys Protect ACOUSTICS 
and Genasys LRAD

Broadcast clear and intelligible alerts across long distances, over loud background noise and into buildings. Broadcast pre-recorded and live voice messages with information and instructions. Maintain communication even when power or satellite connectivity is lost. Portable, fixed, and vehicle mounted systems for rugged, reliable, and easy to operate acoustic communication.

Genasys Protect EVAC

Target the right people with flexible automatically generated tailored zones. Enhance decision-making and collaborate across agencies through a common operating picture. Provide constant situational awareness for civilians through the mobile app and webpage. Improve planning, risk assessment, and reaction times through disaster and evacuation simulation.

Genasys Protect ALERT

Reach everyone you need to through targeted multi-channel mass notification including SMS, email, social media, TV, Radio, and Genasys Protect ACOUSTICS. Communicate quickly through the fastest channels, templates, and Quick Launch alerts. Act from any location through a cloud-based platform.

Genasys Protect CONNECT

Collaborate and share information through real-time two-way chat, forming ad-hoc groups to support one-off incidents or maintain teams that stay in contact over the long run. Meet HIPA, CJIS, and the strictest public safety record retention requirements. Collaborate internally, across regions, and with external organizations through virtual EOCs.

Military personnel manning a communications hub during operations.
Genasys Protect | federal agencies

Download the Genasys Protect Mobile App

With the Genasys Protect mobile app, keep track of critical information that matters to your mutual aid partners, residents, and visitors. Additionally, users can choose to activate location services to receive alerts and safety instructions when they enter an area that is under threat. Learn more here, or download from the app stores below.

Hand-held devices using Genasys Protect app.

Genasys Partner Network

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