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Genasys Protect & LRAD

Improve Reaction Time During an Active Shooter Incident

Seconds count in an active shooter incident as people decide whether to Run, Hide, or Fight.  Today, with schools, churches, malls, and sporting events hyper-vulnerable, ensuring people’s safety is paramount and first responders need proven communications tools that are in place and fully operational as they arrive on the scene.

Coordinate quicker, more effective responses and communicate with active shooters from a safe distance.

The Call No One Wants to Get – “Active Shooter in Progress”

In active shooter situations where a suspect is likely to use deadly force, and any delay in law enforcement response could lead to injury or death, it is essential for officers at the scene to take immediate action if it is considered reasonable to prevent further harm or fatalities. 

Genasys Protect aids rapid response in active shooter situations with secure real-time chat, enabling seamless communication across multiple agencies for a coordinated effort. This improved coordination helps provide timely medical care to the injured. With state-of-the-art technology, authorities can instantly broadcast critical information and instructions to individuals within the affected area, helping guide them to safety. Additionally, LRAD devices allow safe-distance communication with armed individuals, promoting peaceful resolutions with clear commands to stand down. 

Law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and other stakeholders require a standardized protocol for responding to active shooter incidents. It ensures that all parties are prepared, coordinated, and able to respond effectively to minimize casualties and restore safety. Law enforcement agencies, who are responsible for neutralizing the threat, securing the area, and coordinating with other emergency services and federal agencies can use Genasys CONNECT, to instantly form ad-hoc virtual emergency operations centers to coordinate a unified response with multiple agencies in real-time. By leveraging Genasys solutions, organizations can better protect lives, minimize injury and loss of life, and improve situational impact.

Streamline Responses with Collaborative Communications Tools and Public Alerts.

Real-Time Coordination
Establish secure encrypted communication internally and across agencies within seconds. Share critical intelligence, updates, and resource deployments with leadership and officers.

Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs)
Broadcast clear intelligible voice commands and information across long distances that can be heard above loud background noise by barricaded active shooters within buildings or vehicles.

Targeted Public Alerts
Communicate consistently with the public without the need to opt-in through multiple channels including SMS, social media, and IPAWS, delivering location specific instructions to evacuate, stay put, or avoid areas.

Improved Decision Making
Facilitate and improve decision making through intuitive, real-time, map-based situational awareness. Map crime data to visualize hotspots and effectively deploy resources ahead of time.

“We had his mother tape a message that was scripted out for us and then we played that message over our LRAD system and immediately upon the completion of that message, he called us and said he was willing to come out and surrender himself.”
Commander Rashall Brackney,
Pittsburgh, PA PD

Genasys Software and Hardware for Active Shooters:

CONNECT: Facilitate safe, secure, and compliant internal and external messaging with real-time chat. Efficiently communicate across teams, agencies, and departments of any size.

LRAD: Broadcast live or pre-recorded long-range voice messages in multiple languages that can be clearly heard and understood over loud background noise and within vehicles or buildings. Deescalate tense and potentially violent situations from a safe distance.

ALERT: Deliver targeted mass notifications from a centralized communications hub through multiple channels to keep everyone informed. Deliver information and instructions to the public through multiple languages and channels including SMS, social media, acoustic devices, and voice calls.

EVAC: Use smart zones and a common operating picture with all departments and agencies involved to facilitate decision making, cross-agency collaboration, and public notification leading to accelerated emergency response and evacuation management.

“When you’re on Genasys Protect CONNECT, you’re able to push out updates in real time. To me, that is the value proposition and is worth its weight in gold. It’s very cost effective for our team and city.”
Chief Christopher Cook,
Chief of Police, White Settlement, TX