Address civil unrest with LRAD and CONNECT. Find out how Albuquerque, NM is protecting people in a new on-demand webinar.

Genasys Protect

Benefit from Genasys solutions for daily communications beyond emergencies

Enhance daily communication to improve community or employee engagement, streamline information sharing, and foster proactive communication with Genasys Protect. ALERT delivers timely updates through targeted multi-channel communications. Public agencies can inform the public of weather, local services, traffic, and more, while companies can make announcements including operational updates, health & safety regulations, events and meetings. Make use of a centralized hub for internal communication, breaking down silos, and optimizing resource allocation within your organization through CONNECT.

Cost-efficient strategies to maximize daily communication, coordination, and engagement.

Daily Communications for the Public

Genasys communication solutions are deployed by countless local and regional governments, including Japan, Boulder County, and City of Berkeley, to aid during emergencies and for daily quality of life improvements. Genasys Protect:

  • Strengthens community ties and engagement
  • Provides valuable information that improves quality of life for residents
  • Builds confidence in alerting systems for emergency situations
  • Saves costs by streamlining workflows and reducing manual processes

Genasys ALERT and CONNECT bolster community resilience by facilitating effective and all-inclusive day-to-day communication and emergency response. They empower agencies to engage proactively with residents, disseminate critical information, optimize resource allocation, and foster collaboration across multiple agencies, ultimately strengthening community bonds and enhancing preparedness for diverse challenges.

Daily Communications for Enterprise

Enhance your organization’s operational efficiency and continuity with real-time communication and targeted mass notification. Trusted diverse industry leaders like Aramco, Golden State Water, Boston Red Sox, our platform provides: 

  • Enhanced internal communication and collaboration 
  • Centralized hub for organization-wide messaging 
  • Streamlined resource allocation and task coordination 
  • Cost savings through process optimization 

Facilitate seamless internal and external coordination, break down communication silos, optimize resource allocation, ensure compliance, and enhance collaboration with Genasys CONNECT for efficient workflows and impactful engagement. Improve business continuity by delivering targeted alerts and instructions to employees, contractors, suppliers, and everyone within your facility, ensuring timely dissemination of critical information for enhanced workflows and to protect your assets.

Enhance daily communications. Streamline information sharing, foster engagement, and optimize resource allocation.

Optimized Organization
Establish secure encrypted communication internally and externally within seconds. Share real-time updates to complete tasks quickly and effectively.

Proactive Community Engagement
Utilize targeted communications across multiple channels to share updates, information, and notifications, fostering positive relationships with your customers or community.

All Inclusive Communications
Use diverse channels that reach everyone, including people with disabilities, and auto-translation to ensure diverse populations understand messaging.

Cost Effective Improvement
Save on time and budgets by streamlining workflows, reducing manual processes, and minimizing the need for physical outreach.

“Genasys is a tool that you should really take a look at. Because of the ability to send emergency and non-emergency alerts, the return on the investment has expanded many times. You can send quick, low cost and powerful communications to your customers that will be helpful to them.”
Regina Cullado,
Golden State Water, Customer Success Manager

Genasys Software and Hardware for Daily Communications:

ALERT: Deliver targeted notifications and information from a centralized communications hub through multiple channels to keep everyone informed.

CONNECT: Enable safe, secure and compliant coordination internally and externally through a real-time chat. Quickly communicate across teams, from different agencies and departments of any size, for various scenarios.

EVAC: Foster engagement and keep your community informed through a shared map that allows locals to visualize community events, initiatives, announcements, service updates and more.

ACOUSTICS: Broadcast live or pre-recorded long range voice messages in multiple languages that can be heard and understood above loud background noise and inside vehicles or buildings.

Meet the public where they are, whether or not they register

Genasys Citizen mobile app and website

Zone-based mass notification using IPAWS-WEA

WAZE integration

Esri integration

Social media and Email integration

Outdoor, always-connected speakers to broadcast voice communication with specific actionable information