The Leader in Protective Communications

What if

an earthquake occurs near our manufacturing site?

a fire is moving towards our community?

a power outage affects our schools?

an active shooter is in or near our facility?

a tornado is spotted near our data center?

a protest turns violent in front of our headquarters?

Genasys software displayed on multiple devices and an outdoor warning system.

Genasys Protective Communications Software & Acoustic Devices

Genasys has a full suite of Protective Communications tools for all hazards providing targeted communication, data-driven decision making, secure inter-agency collaboration, zone-based planning, and outdoor speakers. LRAD systems deliver live or recorded voice and tone messages with exceptional clarity for any operational scenario, providing the ability to communicate at safe distances. No other platform delivers the options and versatility across integrated hardware and software for proactive preparedness and diverse multi-channel communication to ensure you are “Ready when it matters.”

Genasys Protect Software


Highly audible and clear voice messaging up to thousands of meters away with outdoor warning systems, staying on and connected even during broad power outages and network downtime.
Learn more about ACOUSTICS.


(Formerly Evertel)

Secure, real-time inter- and intra-agency communication and collaboration, addressing the strictest requirements of public safety agencies, hospitals, financial services, & business communications.
Learn more about CONNECT.


Keep people safe with geo-targeted, comprehensive, zone-based alerting, and multi-channel communication to reach people quickly and reliably, using real-time data.
Learn more about ALERT.


(Formerly Zonehaven)

Intelligent zoning that reduces the time from incident recognition to community notification by 90%, accelerating decision-making and communication of actionable messages to the community. Enable AI-Powered traffic models with Traffic AI by Ladris.
Learn more about EVAC.

Long Range Acoustic Devices

Genasys LRAD solutions tackle diverse applications around the world, including Public Safety, Defense, Law Enforcement, Border and Homeland Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Fire Rescue, Emergency Management, Maritime and Port Security, and many more.

Genasys for Any Organization

  • Public Safety
  • Enterprise, Health Care, Financial Services, & Utilities
  • Higher Education
Public Safety
Emergency Communication

Streamline public and internal communications with a comprehensive suite of solutions to enable swift and coordinated responses during critical events.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Facilitate early interventions, empower your community to respond effectively, and plan ahead for all-hazards to minimize their impact on the public.

Unified Operations

Stay connected for day-to-day task completion and manage emergencies from a single platform that connects public safety personnel across multiple agencies for unified decision making.

Software and Hardware

Guide and instruct the public or dangerous individuals during crises or tense situations with unmatched vocal clarity through LRADs and ACOUSTICS to ensure targets receive critical information.

Enterprise, Health Care, Financial Services, & Utilities
Business Continuity

Ensure uninterrupted operations and safeguard critical assets with comprehensive communications solutions tailored to your needs.

Precise Communication

Notify and instruct employees, visitors, suppliers and contractors with precision through intelligent zones and asset mapping.

Regulatory Compliance

Store a comprehensive record of incidents, communications, and activities to support accountability, audits, and regulatory requirements.

Collaboration and Coordination

Facilitate internal and cross-organizational coordination by providing secure communication channels. Connect all stakeholders to streamline workflows.

Higher Education
Campus Safety

Broadcast critical information and instructions to all students, faculty, and staff. Provide panic buttons and location-sharing capabilities to quickly alert security personnel and public safety agencies.

Smart Crisis Planning

Prepare for emergencies with intelligent zoning for precise campus wide communication, evacuation plans to accelerate response times, and a self-service portal to foster a safety conscious campus community.

Regulatory Assurance

Ensure compliance with campus safety regulations by maintaining detailed records of all incidents and responses.

Daily Communication

Foster seamless daily coordination among students, faculty, and staff for scheduling changes, class discussions, and events.

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