The Global Leader In Unified Multi-Channel Mass Notification Solutions

Genasys - The only critical communications platform that unifies software and hardware to provide geo-targeted alerts to mobile phones and audible notifications through acoustic speaker systems with industry-leading vocal clarity and area coverage. Our easy to use software interface and mobile application manage and deliver vital information to people at risk, before, during, and after crisis situations.

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Is Your EU Nation EECC Compliant?

The new European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) directive mandates that all EU countries deploy geo-located emergency communications through mobile networks that enable reverse 112 capabilities. The deadline for compliance is June 2022.

The Genasys Platform

Get the only unified critical communications platform to help protect and save lives.
The Genasys platform adds a powerful and intuitive orchestration and management layer on top of existing physical and digital infrastructure—enhancing clarity, reach and range.