Address civil unrest with LRAD and CONNECT. Find out how Albuquerque, NM is protecting people in a new on-demand webinar.


Genasys for Public Safety

Keep civilians and first responders safe and informed.

Cross-Agency Collaboration

Establish a map-based, common operating picture and two-way real-time chat rooms to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate from a virtual Emergency Operations Center. 

Risk Assessment and Planning

Plan effective emergency responses and evacuations by modelling “what if” scenarios. Stay a step ahead during ongoing events such as wildfires or floods through accurate disaster and evacuation simulations. 

Optimized Resource Allocation

Enhance decision-making and resource allocation through intuitive, map-based situational data updated in real-time, including traffic monitoring, shelter locations, and critical facilities. 

Community Engagement

Extend selective information from your operations map to an intuitive webpage to inform and direct the public throughout an emergency. Make traffic and city event information available on a day-to-day basis.

“Our alert and warning plan uses text messages, social media, and outdoor warning system speakers from Genasys. If we lose cell towers or electricity during a disaster, the outdoor warning system, which includes satellite connectivity, solar power, and battery backup, is our failsafe.”

Brendan Manning
Emergency Operations Coordinator, Laguna Beach, CA

Genasys Protect and LRAD:
Covering All Areas of Public Safety

Learn more about how Genasys Protect and Genasys LRAD helps all areas of public safety from fire service to military engagements.

Emergency Management

Enhance critical event planning, accelerate response coordination, and keep everyone informed.

Fire Service

Adapt to unpredictable wildfires and catastrophic events to keep people and first responders safe.

Law Enforcement

React quickly to crime, collaborate across agencies, and direct the public during daily awareness and crisis communication.

State and Local Government

Real time evacuation management and multi-channel communication to keep civilians and first responders safe and informed.

Federal Government and Military

React swiftly to crises, streamline cross-agency collaboration, ensure public safety, and strengthen military capabilities.

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Genasys Protect | public SAFETY

Download the Genasys Protect Mobile App

With the Genasys Protect mobile app, keep track of critical information that matters. Additionally, you can choose to activate location services to receive alerts and safety instructions when you enter an area that is under threat. Learn more here, or download from the app stores below.

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Genasys Partner Network

Extend your reach and impact with the leading solution provider in public safety. Being part of a strong public safety ecosystem allows us all to extend our solutions and services to ensure organizations and public safety agencies are ’Ready When it Matters.”™