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Genasys Protect | State and local government

Real time multi-channel communication and evacuation management.

Empower government departments across the state or region to save lives and make first responders’ jobs safer.

Rapid Response

Reduce response times by 90% with a common operating picture across emergency providers. Gain situational awareness with hyperlocal information on a shared map.

Targeted Multi-Channel Alerting

Send alerts to individuals, groups, or everyone in a geographic area through multiple channels including SMS, CBC, Genasys ACOUSTICS, social media, voice calls, TV, radio, digital signage.

Community Communications

Empower civilians by extending selective information directly from your common operating picture to an intuitive webpage to inform and direct the public before, during, and after an event.

Real-Time Collaboration

Establish two-way real-time chat rooms to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate within your organization and with external teams on a day-to-day basis. Learn more about CONNECT.

“Genasys Protect was an easy way for us to track threats by zone (over 400 active zones during the January 2023 atmospheric river event). At any one time, we had an average of 57 highlighted zones at the evacuation advisory level. Using Genasys Protect, we knew exactly how many residents we were looking at. We could calculate exact numbers, e.g., 20,200 folks in 11,807 structures on 160,000 acres needing evacuation. (Genasys Protect) gave everyone an instant snapshot of what we were up against.”

Tony Blackman
Battalion Chief, San Mateo, CA

Genasys Protect: The Communications Solution for State and Local Government

Enhance emergency responses and evacuations through accelerated decision making and improved cross-agency collaboration. Reduce confusion and panic during a crisis by maintaining a constant flow of actionable information that saves lives and keeps first responders working safely and effectively.

Genasys Protect EVAC

Reach the right people with flexible, auto-generated zones. Enhance decision-making and collaborate across agencies through a common operating picture. Provide constant situational awareness for civilians through the mobile app and webpage. Improve planning and reaction time through disaster and evacuation simulation. 

Genasys Protect ALERT

Reach everyone you need to through targeted multi-channel mass notification. Reach everyone quickly through the fastest channels, templates, and Quick Launch alerts. Communicate from any location as emergencies arise through a cloud-based platform. Automated alerts based on weather forecasts and sensor readings.

Genasys Protect CONNECT

Collaborate and share information through real-time two-way chat. Maintain compliance with the strictest public safety security requirements and regulations. Collaborate internally, across regions, and with external organizations through virtual EOCs. Streamline crime reporting and documentation for police departments. Meet HIPA, CJIS, and record retention mandates. 

Genasys Protect ACOUSTICS 
and Genasys LRAD

Broadcast clear and intelligible alerts across long distances, over loud background noise and into buildings. Broadcast pre-recorded and live voice messages with information and instructions for citizens. Reach all populations with critical messages, including visitors, people with disabilities and the unhoused. 

Image of City Hall.
Genasys Protect | state & local government

Download the Genasys Protect Mobile App

With the Genasys Protect mobile app, keep track of critical information that matters to your residents and visitors. Additionally, users can choose to activate location services to receive alerts and safety instructions when they enter an area that is under threat. Learn more here, or download from the app stores below.

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