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Genasys Protect & LRAD

Dam Failure Protection through Genasys

Reduce the time from incident recognition to community notification with integrated sensors, zone-based planning, and multi-channel communication through apps, messages, media and always-connected acoustic speakers. Use the power of Genasys to keep people safe from wall of water that rushes downstream with the potential to destroy everything in its path.

Reduce notification times from hours to minutes to keep people safe.

Layout superimposed on an aerial view of dam.

The Genasys dam safety solution has been implemented in Puerto Rico, including the Guajataca Dam, several dams in California, and the famous Hoover Dam along the Colorado River.

Genasys hardware and software combine to mitigate damage caused by catastrophic dam failure, keep people safe, and provide 24/7 protection. Integrated sensors send automated alerts via multiple channels, including the mobile app and long-range speakers, to broadcast clear, intelligible messages to people in harm’s way. Zone-based planning reduces the time it takes to coordinate evacuations, notify people, and get them to safety.

Use automated sensors and multi-channel communication to accelerate evacuations and rapidly communicate with partner agencies, the public and the media.

Targeted Communications
Precise-zone based communications help to reach the public, even if they have not opted-in. Ensure the safety of residents, visitors and the unhoused.

Integrated Sensors
Gain 24/7 protection with intelligent, automated sensor integration to Genasys solutions. Notify people at the first sign of potential dam failure, before it’s too late.

Actionable Information
Provide the public with updated information via a mobile app and website to effectively manage both potential evacuation and repopulation efforts.

Common Operating Picture
Align with real-time data and critical information across agencies, federal departments and even military support in a crisis for a collaborative response.

“The EWS is vital to the community’s safety. Through these alarm systems, people will be notified in case of emergencies such as extreme floods, controlled flood releases, or seismic activity, so they can take timely action to reduce disaster risks. Besides helping save lives and property, this will strengthen disaster preparedness and risk reduction in the communities located downstream of each dam.”
José G. Baquero
FEMA Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator

Genasys Software and Hardware for Dam Safety:

ALERT: Distribute targeted alerting, and multi-channel communication to reach people quickly and reliably.  Alert across SMS, voice calls, media, IPAWS, outdoor acoustic devices and more.

EVAC: Accelerate emergency and evacuation management through faster decision making, cross-agency collaboration, and zone-based targeted communications.

ACOUSTICS & LRAD: Broadcast through acoustic devices to distribute long range voice communication of specific, actionable information even when power and/or networks are down. Use these outdoor sirens to make sure voice instructions and warnings are clearly understood.

CONNECT: Facilitate safe, secure and compliant inter- and intra-agency collaboration. Create day-to-day efficiencies and quickly communicate across teams in a potential dam breach crisis.

Meet the public where they are, whether or not they register

Genasys Citizen mobile app and website

Zone-based mass notification using IPAWS-WEA

WAZE integration

Esri integration

Social media and Email integration

Outdoor, always-connected speakers to broadcast voice communication with specific actionable information