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Genasys Protect platform | Formerly Zonehaven

Genasys EVAC

From Hours to Minutes: Keep people safe with real-time zone-based response planning and evacuation management.

During an emergency, Genasys EVAC, part of the Genasys Protect platform, enables responding agencies to react swiftly, make collaborative decisions, and communicate event status in real-time to other agencies, businesses, and the public. Determine and communicate the proper scope of a response or evacuation, replacing guesswork with data-driven intelligence. EVAC keeps you ready to respond to any event, enhancing safety levels for first responders and communities. With EVAC, enable faster and more precise emergency response and evacuation.

EVAC Enhances Emergency and Evacuation Management

Flexible Zones

Intelligent zones of neighborhoods to improve evacuation planning and communication. Build, edit, and act upon geographical location data, including shelters, facilities, and traffic.

Rapid Response

Reduce response times by 90% with a common operating picture across agencies and mutual aid partners. Provide situational awareness with hyperlocal information on a map. Read more.

Multi-threat Planning & Modeling

Model behaviors to plan for effective responses and/or evacuation scenarios covering emergencies like wildfires, floods, active shooters, hurricanes, and more. Learn more.

Traffic AI by Ladris

Enhance EVAC with Traffic AI by Ladris to refine evacuation decisions, optimize traffic clearance all driven by AI-powered traffic modeling. See more.

Actionable Communication

Genasys Protect EVAC keeps your community and/or teams in the know. Communicate effectively to reach your audience before, during, and after an event.

Convenient Mobile App

Empower citizens with an intuitive self-service, always-available app or website that shares key information directly from the EOC with your constituents. Download the mobile app. Read more.

“Genasys Protect was an easy way for us to track threats by zone. At any one time, we had an average of 57 highlighted zones at the evacuation advisory level. Using Genasys Protect, we knew exactly how many residents we were looking at. We could calculate exact numbers, e.g., 20,200 folks in 11,807 structures on 160,000 acres needing evacuation. (Genasys Protect) gave everyone an instant snapshot of what we were up against.”

Tony Blackman
San Mateo, CA Battalion Chief

EVAC for Any Organization

  • Public Safety
  • Enterprise & Utilities
  • Higher Education
Public Safety
Accelerated Communication

Speed up decision-making time and accelerate community notification during critical events including seamless IPAWS-WEA integration.

Evacuation Planning

Evacuate people in harm’s way quickly with targeted geographical zones, tested evacuation plans, and consistent communication during and after an event.

Multi-Agency Collaboration

Reduce complexity and get first responders, emergency managers, and neighboring jurisdictions aligned with a common operating picture.

Community Communications

Improve multi-channel communications with a simple intuitive website and mobile app to keep the community informed and reduce the workload on your public information office and communications center.

Enterprise & Utilities
Business Continuity

Align with public safety, emergency operations, and first responders to work from a common operating picture, protecting teams and facilities.

Asset & Stakeholder Protection

Increase the precision of your message to team members and visitors with intelligent zones. Send information to those who need it most.

Compliance and Reporting

Comply with regional safety regulations, decrease your risk profile to lower premiums, and keep a record of all incidents in your facilities with a single platform.

Internal Communication

Enable targeted notification of employees, customers, and stakeholders with important information, from public health incidents to even billing and payment needs.

Higher Education
Campus Safety

Ensure students and faculty get critical safety information when your campus is threatened by severe weather, active shooters, or anything that puts them at risk.

Crisis Planning

Prepare for emergencies using intelligent zones across the entire campus to target communications based on specific buildings or areas in harm’s way.

Internal Communication

Keep students, staff, and faculty informed, by facilitating targeted messages based on location to students, staff or even visitors during large events like sports and graduation.

Compliance and Reporting

Ensure compliance with campus safety regulations and reporting requirements. Maintain records of all incidents and responses for reporting, analysis, and future improvements.

The EVAC Difference

Hyper-local Planning

  • Pre-plan hazard scenarios with built-in simulation tools​
  • Monitor current wildfire events with reliable and accurate data

The Power of Zones

  • A common operating picture for cross-agency collaboration​
  • Accelerate decision-making and messaging with zone-based clarity


  • Publish updates through preset communication channels​
  • ​Integrate into your existing mass notification system

GIS Integration

  • Include your custom Esri or WMS data layers into EVAC​
  • Highlight active layers: Floods, dam breach zones, critical facilities and more

Citizen Protect​

  • Dedicated public website and mobile app for information
  • Follow multiple locations on the app and receive critical alerts
  • Read more here
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