Genasys Protect Platform


An unparalleled upgrade to outdated outdoor warning sirens

Emergencies come in many forms: wildfires, floods, tsunamis, tornados, and even active shooters. Anything that can put people, facilities, homes, or businesses in danger requires reliable communication channels. Genasys ACOUSTICS, part of the Genasys Protect platform, provides redundancy via highly audible and clear voice messaging through outdoor warning systems when emergencies arise. Broadcast specific emergency response messaging in multiple languages through high-fidelity acoustic devices – a life-saving upgrade to outdoor warning sirens.

When all else fails, Genasys solar-powered acoustic devices allow first responders to communicate with the public when power is out and have satellite connectivity for redundancy in outdoor warnings when network connectivity goes down.

Genasys Protect Acoustic Device Speaker Arrays

Genasys Acoustic Devices

LRAD 360XT Acoustic Device


Range 2,238 m.

With a self-contained trailer, this device provides a mobile set-up which provides you with the flexibility to plan for upcoming events.

LRAD 360XL Acoustic Device


Range 3,548 m.

Broadcast live or recorded messages which can be heard above crowd and background noise to ensure every message is clearly delivered.

LRAD 360XL-MID Acoustic Device


Range 800 m.

Lightweight and compact form allows easier transportation and installation while also benefiting from lower power.



Range 300 m.

A smaller footprint allows for installation nearly anywhere. Fill gaps in alert areas with this flexible solution from 60 to 360 degree coverage.

Genasys ACOUSTICS: An always-on, voice message broadcast outdoor warning system

Genasys 360 Acoustic Devices

Augment emergency communications channels with state-of-the-art, always on and remotely managed acoustic devices that provide clear and understandable instructions to the public.

Increased Redundancy and Reliability

Enhance communication reliability with live or recorded instructions through intelligible speakers even if power infrastructure is down, and network connectivity is impacted.

Multi-Channel Alerts 

Acoustic devices help saturate your notification area by combining with other alerting channels, including SMS, voice calls, social media, TV, radio, digital signage, websites, mobile apps, and more.

Public-Facing Awareness

Voice commands reach impacted people immediately, independent of other notification infrastructure and without the need for connected personal devices.

Brendan Manning, Emergency Operations Coordinator, Laguna Beach, CA - Video

“Our alert and warning plan uses text messages, social media, and outdoor warning system speakers from Genasys. If we lose cell towers or electricity during a disaster, the outdoor warning system, which includes satellite connectivity, solar power, and battery backup, is our failsafe.”

Brendan Manning
Emergency Operations Coordinator, Laguna Beach, CA

ACOUSTICS for Any Use Case

  • Public Emergencies
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Alerting Populations
  • Public Announcements
Public Emergencies
Speaker Array System for outdoor applications.

Public Emergencies

During wildfires, flooding, HAZMAT incidents, train derailments, major road accidents and other crisis situations- broadcast warnings, instructions and notifications.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Protect power plants, higher education facilities, factories, government facilities, dams, water treatment plants and more – audible voice broadcasts heard from long-range.

Alerting Populations

Alerting Vulnerable Populations

Alert vulnerable populations such as the unhoused or those with disabilities that can only be accessed through specific channels such as DeafLink or Genasys Protect Acoustic Devices.

Public Announcements

Public Announcements

Communicate public announcements sharing information on emergencies, public transport, safety tips, education and awareness campaigns, public services information and more.

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