Address civil unrest with LRAD and CONNECT. Find out how Albuquerque, NM is protecting people in a new on-demand webinar.

Genasys Protect & LRAD

Civil Unrest and Crowd Communications with Genasys

Keep all stakeholders informed, achieve peaceful resolutions, mitigate property damage, and deescalate potentially violent situations during civil unrest with Genasys Protect. Establish a secure collaborative space to maintain tight coordination among multiple agencies and engage with advisors and leaders for effective decision-making and establish clear communication with large crowds to promote orderly conduct with Genasys Protect and LRAD.

Protect your community by promoting peaceful resolutions and mitigating property damage.

Suspect being arrested during a peaceful protest.

During the civil unrest in the summer of 2020 (George Floyd protests), Baltimore PD used CONNECT to avoid easily-accessible radio communications. As a result, Field Force team and patrol units shared critical intelligence with all police personnel to avoid arson and significant property damage to the city.

Genasys CONNECT delivers law enforcement a robust platform for real-time communication, empowering them to strategically manage civil unrest with precision and efficiency. Leveraging ALERT and EVAC to ensure public safety through timely alerts and clear directives, safeguarding communities amidst unrest.

Genasys solutions have been deployed to address protests around the world, including at Vandenberg and San Diego, crowd communications in Columbia and Columbus, and event communications in Southlake.

LRAD can be utilized by police to broadcast audible voice messages, notifications and information on the ground and from helicopters to effectively communicate to out-of-control protesters and rioters. By broadcasting clear and intelligible information and instructions LRADs promote orderly conduct and peaceful resolutions, reducing property damage and improving safety for the community.

Watch LRAD by Genasys in action during 2024 protests.

Use a secure real-time chat to communicate amongst officers and high-fidelity voice broadcasts to instruct and inform crowds.

Secure Coordination
Establish secure encrypted communication internally and across agencies within seconds. Share critical intelligence, updates, and resource deployments with leadership and officers.

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)
Broadcast clear intelligible voice commands and information across long distances that can be heard over a loud crowd and within buildings or vehicles.

Targeted Communications
Precise-zone based communications help to reach the public, even if they have not opted-in. Ensure the safety of residents, peaceful protestors, and bystanders.

Actionable Information
Provide the public with updated information via a mobile app and website to effectively manage both potential evacuation and repopulation efforts.

Lt. Christian Sharp,
SDPD Northeastern Division

Genasys Software and Hardware for Civil Unrest and Crowd Communications:

CONNECT: Facilitate safe, secure and compliant inter- and intra-agency collaboration. Quickly communicate and share information across teams of any size, including any intelligence gained from protest sources and activists legal officials.

ACOUSTICS & LRAD: Broadcast specific, actionable long range voice commands and information that can be heard and understood above the noise of a large crowd and inside vehicles or buildings. De-escalate safely with clear commands to avoid physical confrontation.

ALERT: Distribute targeted alerts and instructions to keep people informed and safe. Reach people quickly and reliably with alerts across SMS, voice calls, media, IPAWS, outdoor acoustic devices and more.

EVAC: Use a shared map to visualize crowd movement, identify road closures, and target specific locations with “avoid area” warnings, shelter-in-place, and other critical, zone-based notifications.

Meet the public where they are, whether or not they register

Genasys Citizen mobile app and website

Zone-based mass notification using IPAWS-WEA

WAZE integration

Esri integration

Social media and Email integration

Outdoor, always-connected speakers to broadcast voice communication with specific actionable information