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Genasys Partner Network

Extend your reach and impact with the leading solution provider in public safety. 

Saving lives is our business. Being part of a strong public safety ecosystem allows us all to extend our solutions and services to ensure organizations and public safety agencies are ’Ready When it Matters.”™ For over 40 years, Genasys has partnered with technology leaders, first responder communities, local associations, thought leaders, and researchers to create a network effect of complementary solutions to increase public safety. The flexibility of our intuitive technology will offer a multitude of opportunities for you.

Interested in becoming a Genasys partner?

Benefits of Being a Genasys Partner

Extend Your Reach

Tap into an ecosystem of specialty providers that extends across the full lifecycle of an incident.

Drive Situational Awareness

Integrate with authoritative source of awareness data that accelerates response time.

Develop a Common Operating Picture.

Collaborate effectively across agencies using a common reference platform. No more pulling data from multiple, disparate systems. 

Types of Partnerships

Community Resiliency and Safety

Genasys is dedicated to sharing our agency activated emergency communications with a variety of not-for-profit and for-profit partners that can share this communication in real-time with the public to save lives.  

Market Expansion

Genasys reselling, referral and promotional partnerships with complementary solution providers creates mutually beneficial offerings in current and new markets.  

Thought Leadership

We collaborate with some of the most respected leaders driving innovation in data-driven and actionable decision tools. Some notable institutions include-University of California, UCSD Wildfire Lab, CalFire, CalOES, the Western Fire Chiefs Association, Oregon Fire Chiefs Association and FEMA.

  • Esri
  • Intterra
  • Ladris
  • Tablet Command
  • First Due
Genasys & Esri

Esri, the global leader of geographic information systems (GIS), is fully integrated with Genasys Protect EVAC and ALERT to expand the application of spatial data in communications and emergency response. Use shapefiles and layers to target communications precisely with updated information.

Genasys & Intterra

Access multiple departments’ data in a central, location-based view with Intterra. Intterra integrates with Genasys Protect to strengthen an all-hazard common operating picture, for better efficiency and faster response across emergency services.

Genasys & Ladris

Ladris combines with Genasys Protect EVAC to refine evacuation decisions, optimize traffic clearance all driven by AI-powered traffic modeling. Ladris creates real-time data visualization and AI-powered predictive forecasting to simulate millions of what-if scenarios.

Tablet Command
Genasys & Tablet Command

With Genasys Protect EVAC and Tablet Command, fire rescue teams gain an
accurate, complete picture of fire incidents as they unfold and respond
effectively. Tablet Command is designed to improve incident management
and emergency scene accountability across jurisdictions.

First Due
Genasys & First Due

First Due solutions, together with EVAC and ALERT, equip first responders with the tools they need to coordinate responses and ensure public safety quickly and effectively. Combine targeted, multi-channel communication and zone-based planning with the best in emergency management and response to keep people safe.