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genasys protect platform | formerly evertel


Stay connected with secure, compliant cross-agency communication

Genasys CONNECT (formerly Evertel), part of the Genasys Protect platform, provides secure, real-time communication and collaboration, addressing the strictest requirements of public safety agencies, hospitals, financial services, and secure business communications. Collaborate with multimedia, text, audio, videos, photos and shared working-documents. With security at its core, CONNECT ensures the integrity and reliability of every message, offering a robust platform for both internal and external communication and collaboration.

Seamless, Secure, and Compliant Collaboration Across Organizations

Daily Stakeholder Communication

Unify your organization and facilitate smooth collaboration with external organizations through real-time communication. Learn more.

Quick Decision-Making

Enable rapid collaboration, allowing professionals to exchange information, make critical decisions, and respond to events quickly. Read more.

Crisis Ready

Key stakeholders will be ready to quickly respond in any crisis through instant communication and a direct connection to law enforcement 24/7. See more.

Full Compliance

Drive compliance, including CJIS, FOIA, and HIPAA, with record retention policies so your agencies or personnel can communicate in confidence. Download the CJIS compliance Matrix.

Built-in Security

Ensure the integrity and dependability of every message. Secure sensitive information with end-to-end, military-grade encryption, stored in a government-use-only cloud solution.

Vetted Access

Designed for public safety, Genasys Protect CONNECT features robust access management to prevent critical communications from being intercepted.

“This platform gives us the opportunity for everybody to join in, to settle and solve a problem as quick as possible…it has to be seen, it has to be experienced truly firsthand.”

Chief Benny Pina
Suprise, Arizona

CONNECT for Any Organization

  • Public Safety
  • Enterprise, Health Care, Financial Services, & Utilities
  • Higher Education
Public Safety
Real-time Crime and Crisis Updates

Get the facts on high-profile crimes, and gain updates on all emergencies or crisis incidents in real-time, directly from your public safety agencies.

In-Sync Public Safety Leadership

Use Genasys Protect CONNECT to keep your public safety leaders in-sync with city objectives and activities through direct communication tools and team collaboration features.

Secure Data and Compliance

Connect agencies while maintaining data security and compliance. Keep a record of all communications from various agencies to meet legal requirements.

Internal Communication

Keep employees informed about policy changes, updates, and important procedures, establish two-way communication to collaborate and share sensitive resources safely.

Enterprise, Health Care, Financial Services, & Utilities
Comprehensive Communication

Enhance workflows with individuals, groups, or teams who can communicate, coordinate and address organizational concerns internally or with customers.

Business Continuity

Maintain continuity of operations with real-time communication and collaboration allowing for quick responses to workflow disruptions that affect internal and external personnel.

Compliance and Reporting

Comply with the strictest safety and security regulations and maintain a record of all communications to aid with accountability, audits, and historical referencing.

Cross-Organizational Collaboration

Connect directly with other organizations, agencies, suppliers, contractors, and customers through a secure and safe communication channel.

Higher Education
Daily Communication

Enable student, faculty, and staff collaboration and communication for all matters such as scheduling changes, emergencies, or even class discussions with professors and students.

Crisis Communication

Foster seamless collaboration and communication pathways with first responders to immediately react to crisis events, protect lives, and facilitate campus security.

Direct Connection to Law Enforcement

Use the solution most trusted by law enforcement to have a direct connection to agencies that will respond to campus safety concerns and crises immediately, 24/7.

Event Coordination

Facilitate event coordination, from reunions to shows or sports, with cross-organizational communication, fostering a collaborative approach between internal and external resources.

Genasys Protect Platform

Universal Protective Communications

Genasys Protect is a unified communications platform for businesses, education institutions, and public safety agencies. Plan for any eventuality and be ready when it matters.

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