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Genasys Protect | higher education

Ensure campus safety to foster uninterrupted learning and research.

Keep students, faculty, and staff on campus safe and support uninterrupted learning.

Safety Communications

Keep students, faculty, and staff safe through quick decision making, team coordination, and cohesive emergency communications that can reach everyone on campus.

Visitor Safety

Integrated solutions across Genasys Protect provide communication coverage to campus visitors during large events, like sports, reunions, conferences, and homecoming.

Collaborative Learning

Give faculty and students the ability to create shared collaboration spaces to continue group, project, and class discussions at any time while ensuring strict adherence to security regulations.

Public Safety Connection

Facilitate collaboration with emergency managers and first responders during emergencies such as active shooters for a faster response that can save lives.

Genasys Protect: The Communications Solution for Higher Education

Go beyond basic mass notification; provide a consistent flow of information to build upon the campus safety, community, and culture. Keep the campus informed and safe disseminating through multiple channels while maintaining compliance with campus safety regulations and reporting requirements.

Genasys Protect ALERT

Reach everyone you need to through multi-channel mass notification, targeted with Wi-Fi auto-discovery. Communicate quickly through the fastest channels, templates, and Quick Launch alerts. Automated alerts based on weather forecasts and sensor readings. Automated staff and faculty role-filling and notification for stakeholders.

Genasys Protect EVAC

Target the right people with flexible automatically generated tailored zones. Provide access to map-based campus awareness through the mobile app and webpage. Share a common operating picture between campus security personnel, first responders, and emergency managers. Improve safety planning and reaction time through disaster and evacuation simulation.

Genasys Protect CONNECT

Foster a collaborative experience on campus through a secure real-time two-way chat. Maintain compliance with the strictest public safety security requirements and regulations. Communicate internally and externally to organize campus activities and large events with crowds and visitors. 

Genasys Protect ACOUSTICS

Broadcast clear and intelligible alerts across long distances, over loud background noise and into buildings. Broadcast pre-recorded and live voice messages with information and instructions for anyone on campus. Maintain communication even when power or network connectivity is lost. Reach employees, staff, students, and visitors, with critical messages, even when not near devices.

Students in the common areas of a university.
Genasys Protect | HIGHER EDUCATION

Download the Genasys Protect Mobile App

With the Genasys Protect mobile app, keep track of critical information that matters to your students, staff, and guests. Additionally, you can choose to activate location services to receive alerts and safety instructions when you enter an area that is under threat. Learn more here, or download from the app stores below.

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Extend your reach and impact with the leading solution provider in public safety. Being part of a strong public safety ecosystem allows us all to extend our solutions and services to ensure organizations and public safety agencies are ’Ready When it Matters.”™