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Genasys ALERT

Keep People Safe with Geo-Targeted, Multi-Channel, Mass Notification

Genasys ALERT, part of the Genasys Protect platform, redefines mass communications to keep people aware, informed, and safe in emergencies. ALERT combines real-time and modeled data, integrated intelligent zones, multi-channel alerting, sensor integration, and long-range acoustic devices for outdoor warning. ALERT reaches people where they are, whether or not they are registered. Be ready to precisely respond to any event through multiple channels, improving the safety of employees, first responders, and the community.

ALERT Enables Targeted Communications Through Multiple Channels

Precise Communications

Send alerts to individuals, segmented groups, or everyone in targeted geographic areas. Improve adaptability and flexibility by making new zones on the fly and using condition-based groups to reach targets with precision. Read more.

Multi-Channel Alerts

Improve message penetration rates with mutli-language support and communication through multiple channels including: SMS, CBC, Genasys ACOUSTICS, social media, voice calls, IPAWS, TV, radio, digital signage, and more. See more.

Public-Facing Awareness

Empower employees, community members, or visitors to track what is happening in real time through a simple and intuitive app and web portal. Learn more.

Automated Alerts

Augment emergency communications with automated alerts to community or team members. Send weather alerts and more to the Genasys mobile app, web interface, or any registered device.

Incident Trigger Integration

Use integrated sensors, soft keys, or dedicated panic buttons to send alerts with location-specific details, protecting people, infrastructure, and facilities.

One-Click Response

Use quick-launch templates and send a notification with just one click or automated API calls, reducing the time to notify people with warnings, updates, alerts, or critical messages.

“This new emergency alert system is easy to use—from a dedicated app to the ability to add multiple addresses to bilingual resources—this system is designed to deliver fast, accurate public safety alerts for our community. This system can be used to provide notifications during wildfire evacuations, domestic water boil orders, major road closures, missing persons, and more. It’s a key tool for emergency communications.”  

Scott Hawkins
Montrose County (CO) Director of Emergency Management

Alerting Channels

Mobile Push Notification

Rapid and scalable delivery of notifications to mobile applications


Delivery of messages via WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts) to a defined area or zip code

CAP Compliant

Interact with a wide array of external
systems: sirens, TV, radio, & digital displays.

Indoor & Outdoor Notification

Audio notifications to acoustic outdoor devices and indoor public address (PA) systems

Text Messaging

Delivery of text messages (SMS) to mobile devices and pagers

XML Feeds

Output standard XML feeds (RSS, ATOM) integrating with other systems and websites

Voice Call

Delivery of voice telephony alerts to any land, VoIP, mobile phone


Receive alerts over email, desktop or through integration with Microsoft Teams

Social Networks

Distribution of alerts through Twitter and Facebook

Genasys Protect Citizen App

Receive alerts right in the Genasys Protect citizen app.
Learn more and download the app here


ALERT for Any Organization

  • Public Safety
  • Enterprise & Utilities
  • Higher Education
Public Safety
Multi-channel Communications

Provide first responders and emergency managers with the ability to reach people in harm’s way through multi-channel communications, including Genasys ACOUSTICS, and give the critical information they need.

Precise Notifications

Reach the right people with the right message at the right time, making sure residents and people visiting your community get the notifications that matter.

Alert Planning

Fine-tune your emergency communication plans with alert templates, quick launches, and pre-made zones. Utilize automated alerts to keep the community informed of potential threats.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Connect critical infrastructure monitoring systems and remote sensors to automatically send notifications when dangerous readings are detected. Modernize legacy Reverse 911 programs with powerful technology.

Enterprise & Utilities
Business Continuity

Maintain continuity of operations with timely and pertinent notifications. Connect facility sensors to send targeted alerts automatically when dangerous readings are detected.

Complete Communication

Maintain updated contact information and communicate with visitors in your facilities through wifi-autodiscovery. Establish two-way communication with anyone including employees, customers, visitors, contractors, and suppliers.

Compliance and Reporting

Comply with regional safety regulations, decrease your risk profile to lower premiums, and maintain a record of all incidents in your facilities with a single platform.

Global Operations Support

Maintain constant communication with employees with announcements, updates, or instructions, both during emergency and non-emergency notifications.

Higher Education
Campus Safety

Communicate more effectively with campus security, medical staff, and first responders during critical events while sending safety information and instructions to students, faculty, and staff.

Student and Staff Safety

Provide students and staff with a panic button that sends out their location to security personnel.

Broadcast Communications

Reach students, staff, and visitors, even during large events, with communications through mobile, email, voice call, SMS, social media, and even Genasys Protect ACOUSTICS.

Internal Communication

Keep students and staff informed about campus news, events, and critical information. Enable individual departments to send targeted messages to their students and staff.

The ALERT Difference

Truly Multi-Channel

  • Improve message penetration with multiple channels including ACOUSTICS sirens integration
  • Include multi-language support and communication

Mobile App

  • Access real-time location-based updates on incidents 
  • Get visibility into local information including road closures and shelter locations
  • Learn More

ALERT Dashboard

  • Through ALERT’s comprehensive dashboard, monitor alerts and metrics
  • Track recent alerts and channels
  • Use data to improve processes and enhance safety procedures

Sensor Integration

  • Integrate with environmental sensors, soft keys, or panic buttons to trigger alerts
  • Apply for dam failure, earthquakes, tsunamis, or other threats

Daily Communication

  • Use ALERT to send out service notifications to customers, billing updates, disconnection notices, downtime alerts, and more
  • Watch the webinar
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