Address civil unrest with LRAD and CONNECT. Find out how Albuquerque, NM is protecting people in a new on-demand webinar.

Genasys Protect & LRAD

Safe Crowds and Employees for Large Sports Events and Festivals

Ensure the safety of event attendees, employees, and contractors with Genasys’ advanced alerting, crowd control, and communication solutions. Broadcast clear alerts for everyone, including people with disabilities. Quickly coordinate staff to mitigate chaos during crises. Stay connected to public safety officials to facilitate and accelerate their response with quick and continuous updates. Prepare detailed action plans for immediate response to threats. Use Genasys for daily communications, such as employee management or marketing mass messaging, to maximize your investment into enhanced event safety.

Keep Attendees and Employees at Festivals, Large Sports Stadiums, and Global Events Safe From Harm.

Confetti raining down on a crowd of concert goers.

Concerts & Conferences
Olympics & The World Cup
The Super Bowl & Large Stadiums
All Star Games & Festivals

Genasys Protect & LRAD in Action During Events

Genasys Protect and LRAD have seen varied use to keep events safe, from crowd dispersal to severe weather alerting, in events including the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo and the Riverbend Music Festival in Chattanooga as well as stadiums as large the Fenway Park Boston Red Sox Arena.

Genasys Protect will make your events safer no matter what you come up against:

  • Crowd Surges
  • Overcrowding
  • Infrastructure Failures
  • Fires
  • Severe Weather
  • Terrorism
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Active Shooter
  • Power Outages
  • Vandalism & Rioting
  • Lost children or vulnerable individuals

Protect everyone with quick decision-making, efficient team coordination, and cohesive emergency alerts that reach everyone at your event. Use Genasys Protect to send critical alerts during rioting, fires, or severe weather. Integrated contact databases and Wi-Fi auto-discovery ensure swift, coherent messaging for evacuation and connect directly with public safety officials for effective response

Reach everyone, including individuals with disabilities, through multi-channel coverage like SMS, Genasys ACOUSTICS, social media, and digital signage. Use the mobile app’s panic button and QR codes for instant aid requests. Broadcast live or pre-recorded voice messages that cut through loud crowds, with LRAD and ACOUSTICS, ensuring quick and clear communication that captivates a crowd’s attention even during chaotic situations such as crowd surges. Coordinate teams with internal communication tools and collaborate seamlessly with emergency managers for faster responses to active shooter situations, medical emergencies, and other critical incidents. 

Leverage mass notification for non-emergencies to provide promotions, discounts, sponsored messages, VIP experiences, surveys, feedback, health and safety reminders, and more.

Protect attendees with seamless safety alerts and effective crowd control.

Safety Communications
Deliver location-based alerts with critical information and instructions. Prepare message templates for safety hazards that can impact attendees. Maintain consistent and clear messaging that’s ready to go out at a moment’s notice.

All Inclusive Messaging
Ensure everyone, including vulnerable populations, receive critical alerts by using multiple channels, including, SMS, Genasys ACOUSTICS, and digital displays. Use the mobile app and wifi auto-discovery to reach people without the need to opt-in.

Broadcast live or pre-recorded voice messages that cut through loud crowds ensuring quick and clear communication that captivates a crowd’s attention even during chaotic situations such as crowd surges.

Day-to-Day Usage
Stay on top of event planning with a secure, real-time communication app that connects to external organizations. Use mass notifications for promotions, sponsored messages, VIP experiences, health and safety reminders, surveys, and more.

“LRAD is a game changer for communication between the police and the public. If we can effectively communicate…we reduce the chances of anybody getting hurt.”
Sgt. J.E. Armstrong,
Greensboro, NC PD

Genasys Software and Hardware for Large Events:

ALERT:  Distribute targeted alerts and information to keep people informed and safe during safety hazard. Send both emergency alerts and non-emergency messages quickly and reliably through SMS, digital displays, IPAWS, outdoor acoustic devices and more.

ACOUSTICS & LRAD: Broadcast specific, actionable long range voice commands and information that can be heard and understood above the noise of large crowds and inside vehicles or buildings to capture the attention of attendees even during chaotic situations. Keep broadcasts going even when power or satellite connectivity is down.

CONNECT: Facilitate safe, secure, and compliant inter- and intra-agency collaboration within seconds. Quickly communicate and share information across teams of any size, including boots on the ground and leadership at the Emergency Operations Center.

TRAFFIC AI by Ladris: Enhance your event coordination with advanced traffic modeling and simulation. Respond swiftly to threats and manage evacuations effectively with a clear understanding of traffic congestion. Plan for contra-flow to avoid miles-long traffic jams and ensure smooth traffic flow for attendees.

EVAC: Use a zone-based map to facilitate targeted updates, public outreach, and effective decision-making. Visualize shelters, road closures, and critical facilities through EVAC’s common operating picture. Keep the public updated with an available website and location-focused mobile app.

Meet the public where they are, whether or not they register

Genasys Citizen mobile app and website

Zone-based mass notification using IPAWS-WEA

WAZE integration

Esri integration

Social media and Email integration

Outdoor, always-connected speakers to broadcast voice communication with specific actionable information