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Genasys Protect & LRAD

Coverage and Communication in Severe Weather

Keep the public informed and safe during rapidly evolving severe weather events with Genasys’ quick and adaptable protective communications solutions. Broadcast life-saving voice instructions over long distances with outdoor warning sirens. Send critical safety alerts to targeted zones in the path of danger. Align with a common operating picture and communicate securely across agencies during life-threatening weather. Prepare your community to face extreme heat waves, thunderstorms, hailstorms, tornadoes and more with Genasys.

From tornadoes to heat waves, adapt to the growing challenges arising from increasingly dangerous severe weather.

Flash Floods
Heat Waves

Genasys Protect & LRAD in Action During Severe Weather Events

Use Genasys Protect to issue real-time alerts and safety instructions, such as “seek shelter immediately.” Target communications to precise locations in the path of storms to limit alert fatigue from broad-based mass communications. Our system can warn of imminent tornadoes, dangerous hail, and flash flooding, guiding communities with safety protocols. And to reach even those not on devices, Genasys ACOUSTICS & LRAD outdoor warning systems can continue to broadcast voice commands and instructions even when the power is out. 

During localized severe weather affecting a large event in Houston, flooding caused by atmospheric rivers across California, and deadly lightning strikes affecting beach goers in Coronado officials used Genasys and LRAD systems alert and inform the public to keep their communities out of harm’s way.

Genasys systems provide emergency managers with the adaptability and speed to address the myriad of different challenges that arise during vastly different severe weather events including:

  • Hurricanes
  • Thunderstorms
  • Hailstorms
  • Tornadoes
  • Heatwaves
  • Droughts

Use Genasys to keep the public informed and safe with targeted communications.

Real-Time Public Alerts
Deliver location-based alerts with critical information and instructions. Prepare message templates for severe weather that can impact your community. Maintain consistent and clear messaging that’s ready to go out at a moment’s notice.

All Inclusive Messaging
Ensure all community members, including vulnerable populations, receive critical alerts by using multiple channels, including, SMS, social media, and Genasys ACOUSTICS. Use the citizen’s site and mobile app for location-based updates and information.

Cross-Agency Collaboration
Coordinate across teams, quickly and securely, with a common operating picture and real-time collaboration across teams from multiple agencies. Responders can communicate and mobilize effectively during both rescue and recovery situations.

Broadcast clear voice updates over long distances, heard even during thunderstorms and inside buildings. Connect to weather sensors to send automated notifications via any channel, based on unfolding weather events and impacted areas.

“My junior patrol officer was able to use this system and it took him about two minutes to order an evacuation of an entire neighborhood just simply by identifying the zone that it was and communicating it to the communications warning system, which then broadcast the warning to the neighborhood,”
Chief Jon King,
Chief of Police, Moraga, CA

Genasys Software and Hardware for Severe Weather:

EVAC: Use a zone-based map to facilitate targeted updates, public outreach, and effective decision-making. Visualize shelters, road closures, and critical facilities through EVAC’s common operating picture. Keep the public updated with an available website and location-focused mobile app.

ALERT: Distribute targeted alerts and instructions to keep people informed and safe in the path of dangerous weather. Reach people quickly and reliably with alerts across SMS, voice calls, media, IPAWS, outdoor acoustic devices and more.

ACOUSTICS & LRAD: Broadcast specific, actionable long range voice commands and information that can be heard and understood above the noise of a thunderous storm and inside vehicles or buildings. Keep broadcasts going with outdoor sirens even when power or satellite connectivity is down.

CONNECT: Facilitate safe, secure, and compliant inter- and intra-agency collaboration within seconds. Quickly communicate and share information across teams of any size, including boots on the ground and leadership at the Emergency Operations Center.

Meet the public where they are, whether or not they register

Genasys Citizen mobile app and website

Zone-based mass notification using IPAWS-WEA

WAZE integration

Esri integration

Social media and Email integration

Outdoor, always-connected speakers to broadcast voice communication with specific actionable information