Genasys Protect | oil & gas

Keep people safe and operations flowing.

Mitigate workflow disruptions by accelerating responses to the unexpected.

Employee Communications

Connect with employees to share important alerts and information no matter where they are with multi-channel communication including email, voice calls, and SMS.

Infrastructure Failure Alerts

Integrate external sensors to send alerts automatically when dangerous readings are detected. Set these alerts to broadcast to all stakeholders.

Mapping and Visualization

Eliminate confusion and enhance coordination by providing stakeholders access to a map displaying areas impacted by emergencies or other disruptions in real-time.

Public Safety Awareness 

Emergencies potentially endangering people, including fires and hazardous materials incidents, require rapid communication to impacted customers, visitors, and first responders.

Genasys Protect: The Communications Solution for Oil & Gas

Boost operational decision-making with comprehensive, real-time situational awareness tools. Streamline collaboration across remote sites and departments to expedite responses to critical incidents and emergencies. Safeguard key facilities, operational areas, and personnel.

Genasys Protect ALERT

Reach everyone you need to through targeted, multi-channel, mass notification. Communicate quickly through Quick Launch and sensor triggered alerts. Send automated alerts for infrastructure failures through sensor integrations. Integrate databases to keep updated contact details for critical communication. 

Genasys Protect ACOUSTICS

Send clear and intelligible voice alerts across long distances, over loud background noise and into buildings. Broadcast pre-recorded and live voice messages to reach employees and visitors across large campuses and multiple buildings or facilities. 

Genasys Protect CONNECT

Collaborate and share information through real-time two-way chat. Maintain compliance with the strictest security requirements and regulations. Collaborate internally, across regions, and with external organizations.

Genasys Protect EVAC

Target communication across large complexes and facilities with flexible zones. Establish a direct connection in planning with public safety professionals. Provide constant situational awareness for employees, customers and visitors. Improve planning and reaction time through crisis, oil rig evacuation or gas leak simulations.

Oil & Gas employee inspecting facility.
Genasys Protect | oil & gas

Download the Genasys Protect Mobile App

With the Genasys Protect mobile app, keep track of critical information that matters to your employees, clients, contractors, and suppliers. Additionally, users can choose to activate location services to receive alerts and safety instructions when they enter an area that is under threat. Learn more here, or download from the app stores below.

Mobile app being used on multiple devices and handhelds.

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