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by Ladris

Enhance Decision-Making with AI-Powered Traffic Models 

TRAFFIC AI by Ladris, takes traffic modeling and simulation to the next level. Respond swiftly to emergencies with a clear understanding of traffic patterns and effectively plan for roadway and emergency services infrastructure improvements. With TRAFFIC AI you can easily run multiple scenarios to understand clearance times and traffic volumes based on time of day, road closures, evacuation sequencing, and changes to infrastructure.  Use TRAFFIC AI to make strategic decisions in urban development, enhance evacuation planning alongside Genasys EVAC, or refine real-time emergency communications in sync with Genasys ALERT.

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Experience the benefits of TRAFFIC AI by Ladris

Road Impact Planning

Easily identify issues and understand the impacts of urbanization, roadway projects, and developments with the existing road infrastructure.

Enhanced Decision Making

Make more informed decisions using near-real time data to better sequence evacuations, allocate resources, and direct the public during live incidents.

Continuous Pre-Planning

Run scenarios and drills to identify traffic issues and establish pre-defined  traffic control, shelter, and temporary evacuation points.  

Predictive Modeling

Conduct hundreds of simulations to gain insights and adapt to gaps and bottlenecks within your road network.

Enhance Benefits from other Genasys Protect Solutions with TRAFFIC AI by Ladris


Refine evacuation decisions, optimize traffic clearance, and use zone-based planning enhanced with AI-driven traffic modeling.

Learn how TRAFFIC AI accelerates EVAC.


Deliver more accurate and informed communications to the public with real-time traffic simulations during emergencies.

Learn how TRAFFIC AI strengthens ALERT.


Share traffic updates and images, coordinate public safety response, and collaborate around live traffic disruptions in a secure, efficient platform.


Use traffic simulation scenarios and planning from TRAFFIC AI to determine where to place speakers to reach people on the move.

“The data modeling aids our team beyond just evacuation planning; it also provides important data that can be used for fuel removal planning along evacuation routes and helps identify potential infrastructure improvements.”

Steve Monaghan
Information and General Services Agency Director
County of Nevada – Ladris and Genasys customer

Use Genasys TRAFFIC AI for:

  • Traffic Planning
  • Informed Communication
  • Evacuation Precision
  • Continuous Simulation
Traffic Planning

Traffic Planning

Save from costly, one-time traffic impact analyses, and benefit from real-time models of roadway improvements for strategic capital investments.

Informed Communication

Informed Communication

Enhance communications with updates from AI-powered traffic models to help keep citizens informed during emergencies or disruptions.

Evacuation Precision

Evacuation Precision

Use advanced traffic modeling to accent and enhance zone-based evacuation procedures, getting people to safety effectively and efficiently.

Continuous Simulation

Continuous Simulation

Run simulations of disaster scenarios before they occur to drive emergency preparedness and promote community awareness.

Genasys Protect Platform

Complete Protective Communications

Genasys Protect provides a unified communications platform for businesses, education centers, and government agencies. React, adapt, and plan for unpredictable and unavoidable events. Be ready when it matters.

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