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Genasys Protect & LRAD

Protect Your Communities from Flood Devastation with Genasys

Manage flood response effectively, keeping your community safe and reducing risks for first responders with Genasys. Communicate quickly with teams and the community after identifying flash flood areas. Target communications more precisely to those in danger to avoid alert fatigue and ignored critical updates. Organize a unified response across agencies to evacuate people in need, rescue citizens in distress, and keep people safe when waters rise. Keep the public informed and organized with timely actionable notifications including avoid-area orders, evacuation directives, repopulation notices, safe travel routes, and shelter locations.

Protect your community through unified evacuation and response efforts and a consistent stream of information.

Evacuation Team during the aftermath of a hurricane.

Genasys in Action During Unprecedented Flooding

During the severe floods of early 2023 that rocked the west coast of the United Sates, Genasys proved invaluable in managing multi-county disasters. Atmospheric rivers caused unprecedented rainfall, exacerbated by wildfire scar damage, leading to extensive flooding and mudslides.  

Genasys enabled rapid identification of hazard locations, real-time communication, and coordination among agencies and responder teams. It facilitated timely public notifications about evacuation zones, road closures, and shelter locations, ensuring safety and efficient resource allocation. Genasys EVAC provided a visual snapshot of active zones, aiding in precise evacuations, targeted notifications, and continuous updates, significantly enhancing the emergency response efforts amidst one of the worst flooding events in California’s history. 

Listen to firsthand accounts from Tony Blackman, Battalion Chief, San Mateo Consolidated Fire Department, and Nick Baldrige, Lieutenant, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office.

Keep your community safe by accelerating decision making, response efforts, and communication with Genasys Protect and LRAD.

Cross-Agency Collaboration
Flood response is often a multi-agency activity. Coordinate across teams, safely and securely, with a common operating picture and clear real-time communications across teams. Mobilize rescue teams quickly as flood waters rise.

Community Updates
Identify danger zones for evacuation and avoidance as floods inundate roads and buildings. Use the Genasys Citizen Protect app and website to send notifications and share map-based updates with the public.

Consistent Communications
Communicate consistently with the public during flood evacuation, rescue and recovery, and repopulation phases. Use acoustic devices to communicate with stranded citizens from distance to help save lives and coordinate rescue.

Targeted Updates
Deliver targeted alert notifications with zone-based planning, so people in flood zones are aware of danger. As waters rise, give people clear directions for zone-based evacuation to reduce the need for dangerous swift water rescues.

“It was very good to have the preplanning and pre-scripting ready to plug and play as an option. Also, being able to visualize the zones, impacted areas, and evacuation details – it was easy for us to identify locations and push that into to our dispatch center, as well as social media and the public. Being able to preplan after the first New Year’s Day flood was seamless.”
Lt. Nick Baldrige,
Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office

Genasys Software and Hardware for Flood Response:

EVAC: Use a common operating picture to visualize flood emergencies like inundation zones, road closures, traffic congestion. Keep the public informed with an accessible map sharing official information, advisory warnings, and evacuation orders.

ALERT: Distribute targeted alerts and instructions to keep people informed and safe when floods occur. Reach people in danger quickly and reliably with alerts across SMS, voice calls, media, IPAWS, outdoor acoustic devices and more.

ACOUSTICS & LRAD: Broadcast specific, actionable long range voice commands and information that can be heard and understood above the noise of a thunderous storm and inside vehicles or buildings. Keep broadcasts going even when power or satellite connectivity is down. Use speakers from rescue boats to send clear messages to people trapped in homes or attics.

CONNECT: Facilitate safe, secure and compliant inter- and intra-agency collaboration within seconds when flood danger strikes. Quickly communicate and share information across teams of any size, including leadership at the Emergency Operations Center.

Meet the public where they are, whether or not they register

Genasys Citizen mobile app and website

Zone-based mass notification using IPAWS-WEA

WAZE integration

Esri integration

Social media and Email integration

Outdoor, always-connected speakers to broadcast voice communication with specific actionable information