Genasys Protect

Evertel’s Leading Cross-Agency Public Safety Collaboration Platform is Now Genasys Protect CONNECT 

The new Genasys Protect CONNECT (formerly Evertel), an all-in-one public safety collaboration tool, brings agencies together with real-time updates and organized intelligence. Merging technologies with the Genasys Protect Suite of protective communications solutions, CONNECT brings trackable messaging for secure, cross-agency collaboration that ensures compliance at every level. 

Reinventing How Agencies Communicate:

Communications That Keep Everyone in Sync 

Strong internal communication builds a culture of trust, transparency, and cohesion between leadership and employees. With CONNECT, communication is accessible and inclusive, which helps employees feel more empowered, involved, emotionally attached, and fully dedicated to the mission and the agency. 

True Collaboration Through Shared Intelligence

Connect with other local agencies. Bring in specialists across the region, state, or even the country. CONNECT gives you the power to discuss incident details, share ideas, and coordinate your response securely and in real-time. 

Compliance & Security That Protects Your Agency and Employees

Unlike most popular social media apps, like WhatsApp, Slack, or Signal, CONNECT is fully compliant, secure, and legal for all of your work-related communications. Be sure to reduce your risk of violating either federal or state public records laws, including CJIS, FOIA, and HIPAA, with Genasys Protect CONNECT. 

Keep the Lines of Communication Open During a Crisis 

With CONNECT, first responders can seamlessly communicate, coordinate, and share content across agencies and jurisdictions through a secure, easy-to-use interface in real time. 

Interoperability to Coordinate During Times of Crisis 

Experience true interoperability with CONNECT. The platform that’s specifically designed to help public safety agencies build effective regional, statewide, and cross-border collaboration during any crisis event—regardless of the device, carrier, or network. 

Genasys Protect CONNECT Strengthens Your Intelligence and Information-Sharing Capabilities  

Emergency Event Capabilities  

CONNECT provides a comprehensive communication tool for first responders, essential for coordinating efforts and resources with neighboring agencies during natural disasters, evacuations, and public safety events. CONNECT’s capabilities in crime solving are rooted in its advanced communication and collaboration tools, which enhance the efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness of law enforcement and public safety operations.

Advanced Encryption

CONNECT employs advanced encryption techniques to ensure the security of data both in transit and at rest. This wide range of compliance indicates a strong commitment to maintaining high security standards and demonstrates CONNECT’s capability to handle sensitive government and law enforcement data with utmost care and security.

Compliance and Vetted Access

CONNECT’s approach to compliance and vetted access involves multiple layers of security and control. Our Secure Cloud Platform is specifically managed by U.S. citizens on U.S. soil, ensuring an elevated level of oversight and adherence to national standards. This is a crucial aspect of our compliance strategy, particularly relevant for entities that require stringent data protection and privacy measures.

Supporting Mission-Critical Workflow

Connect places a high importance on supporting the mission-critical workflow of our customers. We approach customer support with attention, responsiveness, and dedication, aiming to provide world-class support. This approach underscores the importance of reliability and stability both as a company and in our product offerings.

CJIS, FOIA, & HIPAA Compliance

CONNECT is designed to be fully compliant, secure, and legal for all work-related communications, which is vital for users handling sensitive data. We emphasize compliance with several key regulatory standards, including the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policies, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Audit Controls for Accountability

We emphasize the maintenance of data integrity in our platform, ensuring that no employee can delete or destroy data. This measure is taken to maintain auditability, as all data within CONNECT is logged, stored, and preserved.

Industries We Serve

Initiated alone or in conjunction with the Genasys Protect Suite of mass communications and evacuation solutions, CONNECT’s secure messaging platform provides a purpose-built collaboration tool usable on smartphones, laptops, tablets, and MDC devices. 

  • Public Safety
  • Enterprise
  • Higher Education
Public Safety

CONNECT helps community leaders improve public safety across the board as the go-to communications platform for any type of emergency or evacuation response.  

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Service 
  • Emergency Management  
  • State & Local Government
  • Federal Government

CONNECT facilitates secure communications within large corporations, quasi-municipalities, or large event venues, keeping employees, visitors, and vendors safe and informed. 

  • Utilities 
  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
Higher Education

CONNECT provides instant communication and collaboration for school districts and campuses to strengthen day-to-day activities or responses to emergencies.

“Thankfully, we deployed CONNECT (formerly Evertel) in our city to address special events and weather-related events. Since we live in the western region of Phoenix, when there is just a little rain, we experience a lot of flash flooding, street closures, and swift rescues of our citizens caught in the flood. With that said, having CONNECT (formerly Evertel) deployed and automated within our city, when the Covid-19 pandemic crisis hit our region, we fully deployed a virtual EOC and incident management teams responded within 1 hour. CONNECT (formerly Evertel) has proven to be a far superior platform for all of government.”

CONNECT Emergency Management Customer
Arizona, United States