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Is Your Agency Really “Compliant” in Communications?

Whenever public safety concerns arise, your agency knows to get on the scene fast. Clear and direct employee communication protocols help make that happen. But all too often, agencies forget to make sure those first responder communications are actually compliant. Without the right solution in place, you could be subject to serious liabilities or even lawsuits.

First Responder Communications 

First responders need instant updates when a crisis is developing. Whether it’s a natural disaster or another widespread public safety concern, you want everyone to be on the same page. That means being able to share the latest intelligence and alerts on a streamlined employee communication channel. You don’t have a minute to waste—especially when you’re working to stop high-profile crimes in your region. Addressing a series of armed robberies or mass shooter incidents requires all of your officer communications to be sent and received ASAP.

The other side of things is that your process for first-responder communications needs to be secure with encrypted messaging. Email doesn’t deliver that, plus, it doesn’t allow for those instant updates. The majority of your officers’ communications won’t be read quickly in email. 

It makes more sense to go to a secure, encrypted instant messaging platform. There have been too many cases of hacker attacks that specifically target different types of government employee communication online. There are just too many risks. But that’s not all. The real problem comes down to communication compliance.

At first glance, this sounds simple: Our first responder communications must be instant, secure, and compliant. Unfortunately, that last item can easily get overlooked. Many agencies aren’t even aware that internal communication compliance issues are already happening with their teams.

Graphic depicting messages in a messaging app.

What’s Really Going On With Your Employee Communications?

More and more government employees are using consumer apps for work. This might be the standard text messaging system on their phone or something they’ve downloaded, like WhatsApp, Slack, or Teams. These “solutions” might sound appealing because they are free, encrypted, and easy to use. But are they compliant, legal, or supported by your agency? Nope. In fact, sending these types of messages for employee communication can be illegal.

Agencies need a first responder communications solution that’s actually built for the way they work. It all comes down to the officer’s communications. You need a tool that allows for instant updates, secure encryption, and total communication compliance. That’s why agencies switch to Genasys Protect CONNECT.

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The Goal: Compliant Communications Between Employees

If you’re looking to solve your communication compliance mix-ups, the CONNECT app can help you instantly align with the state and federal records retention requirements. The solution even has robust, yet intuitive chatroom features for your interdepartmental communications. First responders have never had these types of functions before. It’s a real game-changer for solving crimes faster than ever and keeping our communities safe.

You need a fluid way to coordinate your efforts and resources with neighboring agencies during natural disasters and public safety events. With CONNECT, you get a comprehensive tool for your first responder communications—no matter where those employees or agencies are located. The CONNECT messaging platform helps everyone stay organized by creating a clear chain of command for all interdepartmental communications. It’s also completely compliant and secure.

Let’s help ensure that your first responder communications meet the compliance standards and remain consistent through every shift. We can’t leave any room for error or civil liabilities. Contact the CONNECT team today to learn more about your solution for more effective, faster, and compliant communication!