Public Safety Solutions for Civil Unrest

Civil unrest profoundly impacts society, causing disruptions, fear, and potential harm to both protesters, bystanders, and first responders. Law enforcement faces significant challenges in addressing these situations, including ensuring clear communication, maintaining public order, and protecting lives. Keeping everyone safe during these events is paramount, as miscommunication can escalate tensions and lead to violence.

Download the E-book to learn about:

  • Communication and control: Understand how LRAD by Genasys enables police and public safety officers to communicate over loud crowds to clearly communicate instructions and warnings.
  • Collaboration: Discover how Genasys Protect CONNECT (formerly Evertel) aids internal collaboration in a secure environment to respond to threats and mobilize safely.
  • Maximize safety: With Genasys Protect and LRAD, keep both crowds, peaceful protestors, and police safe.
  • Community updates: Genasys ALERT, ACOUSTICS and EVAC all help quickly designate areas for lockdowns and do-not-enter zones while keeping the broader community informed with trusted updates.