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Helicopter Mounted LRADs Enhance Safe Crowd Control by Law Enforcement  

By Adam Stewart, Director, Product Marketing

In recent years, the dynamics of protests and riots have evolved dramatically, presenting law enforcement agencies with unique challenges. As these events become more frequent and complex, the need for innovative solutions to maintain public safety is paramount. Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs) by Genasys can be utilized by police to broadcast audible voice messages, notifications and information from helicopters to effectively communicate to out-of-control protesters and rioters.  

LRAD is a powerful communication tool that emits highly focused voice communications over long distances. Originally developed for maritime applications, LRAD systems have found widespread use in various sectors, including law enforcement. These devices can project intelligible voice messages and alert tones above crowd and background noise and over extremely long distances.  

Utilizing LRAD in Helicopters 

Integrating LRAD systems into law enforcement helicopters offers a strategic advantage during protests and riots. Helicopters provide an elevated vantage point, enabling law enforcement to monitor crowds and assess situations from a safe distance. By equipping these aircraft with LRAD technology, authorities can amplify their communication capabilities and effectively address crowds over large areas. 

During protests and riots, effective communication is essential for maintaining order and preventing escalation. Traditional methods of communication, such as megaphones or loudspeakers, may be difficult to hear when attempting to disperse large crowds. LRAD overcomes these limitations by delivering clear and targeted messages over long distances. 

From helicopters, law enforcement can utilize LRAD to broadcast instructions, warnings, or dispersal orders to protesters. By providing timely and authoritative communication, authorities can facilitate peaceful resolutions and de-escalate tense situations. 

Maximizing Safety 

One of the primary objectives during intense protests and riots is to minimize physical confrontations between law enforcement and protesters. By leveraging LRAD, police can establish a non-confrontational means of communication that reduces the likelihood of direct clashes. Voice messages delivered via LRAD comply with regulations that protesters must receive clearly heard orders from law enforcement to disperse before police initiate physical interventions.  

In conclusion, LRAD continues to serve as an essential communications asset for law enforcement and for overall public safety during protests and riots. By utilizing helicopter mounted LRADs, authorities enhance their communication capabilities, mitigate the risk of violence and disorder, and help protect law enforcement personnel.  

From broadcasting notifications to dispersing crowds, LRAD enables police to address challenging situations with precision and effectiveness while prioritizing public safety and minimizing physical confrontations. As protests continue to shape the landscape of public discourse, LRAD by Genasys stands as a powerful tool for maintaining peace, order, and security in an ever-changing world. 

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