How does Golden State Water use ALERT for day-to-day communication efficiency? Hear the story in a new webinar.

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Genasys Protect

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Enhance Communication with AI-Powered Traffic Models 

Now, add to ALERT with Traffic AI Powered by Ladris to refine communication and optimize traffic clearance – all enabled by AI-driven traffic modeling.

Interested in Genasys Protect TRAFFIC AI, powered by Ladris with Genasys Protect ALERT?

Genasys Protect ALERT

Quick zone-based emergency communications delivering critical information through multiple channels

Send alerts to individuals, segmented groups, or everyone in targeted, zone-based geographic areas.

Improve message penetration rates with mutli-language support and communication through multiple channels.

Augment emergency communications with automated alerts to community or team members.

Use integrated sensors, soft keys, or dedicated panic buttons to send alerts with location-specific details, protecting people, infrastructure, and facilities.

Use quick-launch templates and send a notification with just one click or automated API calls, reducing the time to notify people.

Traffic AI. Powered by Ladris

Real-time traffic intelligence to optimize communication decisions and strategies

Estimate traffic clearance times, choke points, and impacts of development with predictive modeling.

Test evacuation alternatives for clearance times in real-time evaluation.

Evaluate impacts of new developments and urbanization on traffic and congestion.

Identify traffic infrastructure investments for prioritized improvements.  

Enhance Communications and Emergency Management with Genasys Protect TRAFFIC AI Powered by Ladris

Optimize critical decisions and communication based on live traffic data.

Quickly relay updates to evacuation and repopulation plans using traffic intelligence.

Include ALERT zones in TRAFFIC AI to communicate quickly on traffic concerns and patterns, keeping people safe in emergencies.

Help people get to safety faster with included contra-flow patterns to evacuation plans and actions.