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Genasys and
First Due

Empower Seamless Incident Response and Communication During Emergencies

Tailored to streamline incident management and enhance operational efficiency, First Due serves as a comprehensive solution for fire departments and emergency medical services (EMS). Together with Genasys ALERT and EVAC, First Due solutions equip first responders with the tools they need to coordinate responses and ensure public safety quickly and effectively. Combine targeted, multi-channel communication and zone-based planning with the best in emergency management and response to keep people safe.

The Benefits of Pairing Genasys Protect and First Due.

To-The Minute Geospatial Data

See your mission critical Genasys ArcGIS layers alongside all other information within the First Due platform, ensuring an informed and efficient response even in the toughest of scenarios.

Holistic Incident Command

Stay in control with powerful Incident Command software that lives within your core operational software. Leverage important operational data during responses and consolidate records for streamlined reporting.

All-in-one Software

Consolidate incident reporting, fire prevention, pre-incident planning, scheduling & personnel management, asset & inventory, and more into a single application with a sole login available anywhere on any device.

Fully Informed Response

Ensure critical data is readily available when it matters. Together, EVAC and ALERT allow responders to stay in control and effectively communicate, coordinate, and manage incidents from start to finish.

“The relief of stress comes from knowing that the information is getting to the right people. We have a phenomenal crew of personnel who can accomplish anything when they have the right tools at their disposal, and First Due is one of those essential tools.”

Curvin Wolfgang
Battalion Chief, York Area United Fire & Rescue
First Due customer

About First Due

First Due is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for fire and EMS departments, dedicated to revolutionizing incident management and response processes with the aim to end first responder injury. With a commitment to empowering emergency responders with cutting-edge technology, First Due offers an all-in-one platform that streamlines operations, enhances situational awareness, and improves overall efficiency. First Due’s comprehensive suite of solutions integrates seamlessly to provide agencies with the tools they need to effectively manage incidents, optimize resources, and prioritize community safety. Trusted by fire and EMS departments nationwide, First Due is shaping the future of emergency response through innovation and collaboration. Learn more about First Due at