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LRAD’s powerful deterrent tone gets the attention of crowds and then is highly effective in broadcasting warnings and instructions in the host nation language

The U.S. Army PSYOPS switched to LRAD after having extensive issues with their legacy loudspeaker equipment

LRAD is unmatched in its ability to communicate to and disperse crowds and preventing MPs from having to use deadly force.

The US Navy has used LRADs to communicate to potential threats that pose a risk to military and commercial vessels.

LRAD systems are in service in more than 100 countries and 500 U.S. cities in diverse applications.

LRAD Defense Products

LRAD systems deliver live or recorded voice messages with exceptional clarity for any operational scenario. Optimized to the primary range of hearing, LRAD’s Advanced Driver and Waveguide Technology ensure every broadcast is clearly heard and understood, even above crowd, engine, and background noise.

LRAD Defense Use Cases

Read our LRAD Defense Case Studies as well as many others from civil unrest to armed conflicts, emergency notifications to evacuation warnings, critical infrastructure protection to wildlife preservation, commercial maritime to naval security, search & rescue to humanitarian operations, Long Range Acoustic Devices save lives. 

LRAD Defense in Action

View our library of LRAD videos and see how our Long Range Acoustic Devices are used in various applications around the world.

Genasys Partner Network

Extend your reach and impact with the leading solution provider in public safety. Being part of a strong public safety ecosystem allows us all to extend our solutions and services to ensure organizations and public safety agencies are ’Ready When it Matters.”™

Defense Products of Choice

Portable Communication for Every Operational Scenario
LRAD 450XL is the U.S. Army’s communication and EOF system of choice
LRAD 500X MMT Helicopter-Mounted System