Today’s military forces are required to support the full spectrum of missions from combat and counterinsurgency to disaster response and humanitarian assistance. Regardless of the assigned mission, clear communication and scalable escalation of force (EOF) are critical to success.

LRAD innovated acoustic hailing devices (AHDs) in response to the deadly October 2000 attack on the USS Cole. While equipped with an arsenal of lethal force, the sailors on the U.S. destroyer had no way to determine the intent of the suicide mission bent on destroying it until it was too late.

Convoy Protection

LRAD’s powerful deterrent tone gets the attention of crowds and then is highly effective in broadcasting warnings and instructions in the host nation language


The U.S. Army PSYOPS switched to LRAD after having extensive issues with their legacy loudspeaker equipment


In 2007, a car was speeding toward U.S. Military Patrol in a secure area, The patrol used lasers, flashing lights, and yelling in a futile attempt to get the driver’s attention. The Patrol was forced to shoot three rounds into the car, two rounds found the hood and the last round killed a 12 year old girl.

Military Police

The LRAD is useful in its ability to disperse crowds, preventing soldiers from having to use deadly force.

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