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The Failures of Email: With Law Enforcement, Instant Communication Is Critical

It’s no secret that leadership and team members within law enforcement are frustrated with the noise of email. You get a flood of messages, and then it’s hard to sort through what matters most. What’s the most urgent email? Which ones can you put on hold?

You need to know where to direct your attention for quick correspondence. Otherwise, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. That’s just one of the reasons why email is outdated for law enforcement. Sure, it has its place for certain types of messages. But now there’s a better solution for police communication. Reducing crime and keeping the public safe requires agencies to communicate instantly, anytime and anywhere.

Graphs showing benefits of instant messaging apps.

Speeding Up Police Communication

You can’t afford to fall behind in a crisis—or even just with a “typical” day on the job—and that’s exactly why email shouldn’t be the primary form of police communication. It’s too slow, and it’s too crowded. For true ease of communication, you need a messaging system that makes it easy to focus. The job is demanding enough as it is, and failed systems just make things even more challenging.

Instead of email, agencies need to make the switch to a communication app that’s specifically designed for their teams. Intelligence needs to be shared quickly, and email just doesn’t cut it. That’s why leaders all over the country are choosing to work with Genasys Protect CONNECT. You can log in to the system on any device—whether you’re on the scene with your smartphone or back in your office. CONNECT helps you to stay informed and connected.

Graphic showing law enforcement app messaging a variety of team members.

Interdepartmental Announcements

Once they discover CONNECT, most agencies are quick to use the correspondence app for general updates. More importantly, though, they know they can rely on CONNECT for emergency situations when instant communication is really the only way to get things under control. When you’re in law enforcement, you know that every day brings something different. Being able to quickly share and organize your interdepartmental announcements in a fluid way makes all the difference in keeping your team on track.

And even better—CONNECT actually works to improve first responder communication all across the board. The solution isn’t just for law enforcement agencies to use internally. It lets you connect with other public safety professionals too. You can build chatrooms to check in with your local fire departments and elected officials, mental health facilities, or the media. You also have the option to expand your regional collaboration to the surrounding counties or even state-wide. We initially designed CONNECT specifically as a police communication app, but really, it’s so much more.

Graphic of a police badge.

The Ultimate Law Enforcement App

CONNECT lets you send messages instantly, which means it feels familiar to use because it’s similar to texting. Yet CONNECT isn’t only about quick correspondence. The system works to solve a lot of other problems, too, like meeting federal and state record retention requirements. Ease of communication is obviously critical, but security and transparency can’t be ignored either.

If you’re ready to learn more about CONNECT, our team would be more than happy to schedule a demo and answer any questions. Then you can get peace of mind and remove a big chunk of that stress from dealing with emails. Everything about our solution is completely compliant with federal and state police communication regulations.