Genasys named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™:  Critical Event Management, Q4 2023

As extreme weather, natural disasters, and human-caused critical events increase in both frequency and severity, security and risk professionals are under growing pressure to keep people safe, and property protected.

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  • Genasys unique approach to CEM with zone-based community notification
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  • Key aspects to consider when investing in a CEM platform
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“Genasys is best suited for zone-based communications for events impactinglarge populations often needed by city, county, and state governments plus companies with public protection responsibility like sporting facilities and entertainment venues.”

Chart from Forrester Wave Report showing Genasys with a stronger strategy and strong offerings.

Based on extensive research, analysis, and scoring, Forrester Analysts evaluated 10 most significant providers of critical event management (CEM) platforms to guide security and risk professionals when selecting a solution that meets their needs. 

According to the Forrester report, “These events not only disrupt business operations but potentially endanger the environment, jeopardize employee and customer safety, and threaten to interrupt critical public services.”

The Forrester Wave™: Critical Event Management Platforms, Q4 2023, states, “Genasys takes a different approach to critical event management by unifying evacuation management with zone-based mass notification. It also has its own line of acoustic devices for broadcasting alerts and notifications.”

Genasys Protect, The Unified Protective Communications Platform

Genasys is leading the critical event management industry into the new age of Protective Communications, which fills the gap left by legacy mass notification solutions. Specifically, Genasys Protective Communications solutions provide emergency response managers with advanced capabilities for all hazards. No other platform delivers integrated hardware and software for proactive preparedness, diverse multi-channel communication, data-driven decision making, and secure inter-agency collaboration- all in one platform. Learn more about Genasys Protect.

The Genasys Protect platform is a full suite of Protective Communications tools that offers:

Targeted Communications

Send specific, targeted communications with location-appropriate messaging and clear instructions to keep people informed and aware.

Intelligent Zone-Based Planning

Designate geography-based zones to map your jurisdiction according to population, topography, and assets. Test scenarios to simulate events in advance.

Secure Collaboration

Foster seamless, compliant real-time collaboration across organizations, keeping teams informed in one, secure space. 

Multi-Channel Alerts

Maximize notification areas by simultaneously alerting people across SMS, voice calls, social media, TV, radio, digital signage, IPAWS, CBC, and outdoor acoustic devices.

Genasys 360 Acoustic Devices

Provide failsafe redundancy via highly audible and intelligible loudspeaker messaging.

Community Awareness 

Keep community members updated with the latest information from the Genasys Protect website or free mobile app.