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Genasys Protect | United kingdom PROTECTIVE communications

Operational and Emergency Communications for the United Kingdom.

Genasys Protect ALERT

Respond in real time is critical to the safety of your citizens, team members and employees. When emergencies arise you need to notify your community and your teams quickly. ALERT redefines mass communications to keep people aware, informed, and safe in any emergency. Combine real-time and modeled data, integrated intelligent zones, multi-channel alerting, sensor integration, and long-range acoustic devices for outdoor warning. Be ready to precisely respond to any event through multiple channels, improving the safety of employees, first responders, and the community.

Precise Communications

Send alerts to individuals, segmented groups, or everyone in targeted geographic areas. Improve adaptability and flexibility by making new zones on the fly and using condition-based groups to reach targets with precision.

Multi-Channel Alerts

Improve message penetration rates with mutli-language support and communication through multiple channels including: SMS, CBC, Genasys ACOUSTICS, social media, voice calls, TV, radio, digital signage, and more.

Public-Facing Awareness

Empower employees, community members, or visitors to track what is happening in real time through a simple and intuitive app and web portal.

Automated Alerts

Augment emergency communications with automated alerts to community or team members. Send weather alerts and more to the Genasys mobile app, web interface, or any registered device.

Incident Trigger Integration

Use integrated sensors, soft keys, or dedicated panic buttons to send alerts with location-specific details, protecting people, infrastructure, and facilities.

One-Click Response

Use quick-launch templates and send a notification with just one click or automated API calls, reducing the time to notify people with warnings, updates, alerts, or critical messages.

Genasys Protect CONNECT

Secure, real-time communication and collaboration, addressing the strictest requirements of emergency services, first responders, hospitals, event services, or any business communications. CONNECT ensures the integrity and reliability of every message, offering a robust platform for both internal and external communications and operational collaboration. Enabling the exchange of information, critical decision making, and responses in any event quickly and easily. CONNECT offers a complete audit for your record and retention policies so your personnel can communicate with confidence.

Daily Stakeholder Communication

Unify your organization and facilitate smooth collaboration with external organizations through real-time communication. 

Quick Decision-Making

Enable rapid collaboration, allowing professionals to exchange information, make critical decisions, and respond to events quickly.

Crisis Ready

Be prepared with key stakeholders quickly for any crisis through instant communication and a direct connection to law enforcement 24/7.

Full Compliance

Drive compliance with record retention policies so your agencies or personnel can communicate in confidence. Adhere to CIPA, FOIA, DPR, and GDPR regulations.

Built-in Security

Protects the integrity of and reliability of every message, ensuring safe internal and external exchanges of sensitive information.

Vetted Access

Designed for public safety, Genasys Protect CONNECT features robust access management to prevent critical communications from being intercepted.

Inform stakeholders during critical events, active shooter incidents, civil unrest, and more.

Secure Communications

Access a secure space where professionals form groups for one-off incidents or teams that stay in contact over the long run while adhering to the strictest security and safety regulations.

Long Range Acoustic Devices

Use LRADs that can broadcast live or pre-recorded voice messages over loud background noise and into buildings to direct the public during civil unrest.

Reporting and Documentation

Streamline incident reporting and documentation processes. Meet record retention requirements.

Map-Based Information

Facilitate and improve decision making through intuitive, real-time, map-based situational awareness. Map crime data to visualize hotspots and effectively deploy resources.

Genasys Protect: The Communications Solution for the United Kingdom

Strengthen cross-agency collaboration, accelerate communication, and make key information more accessible to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Reduce confusion and panic during emergencies through a constant flow of information to save lives and make law enforcement jobs safer.

Genasys Protect CONNECT

Collaborate and share information through real-time two-way chat, forming ad-hoc groups to support one off incidents. Maintain communication teams and groups for faster collaboration. Collaborate internally, across regions, and with external organisations through virtual EOCs. 

Genasys Protect ALERT

Reach everyone you need to through targeted multi-channel mass notification including SMS, email, social media, Radio, Genasys Protect ACOUSTICS. Communicate quickly through the fastest channels, templates, and Quick Launch alerts. Act from any location through a cloud-based platform.

Genasys Protect ACOUSTICS 
and Genasys LRAD

Broadcast clear and intelligible alerts across long distances, over loud background noise and into buildings. Broadcast pre-recorded and live voice messages with information and instructions for citizens. Maintain communication even when power or satellite connectivity is lost. Portable, fixed, and vehicle mounted systems for rugged, reliable, and easy to operate acoustic communication. 

Genasys Protect | MOBILE APP

Download the Genasys Protect Mobile App

With the Genasys Protect mobile app, keep track of critical information that matters to your mutual aid partners, residents, and visitors. Additionally, users can choose to activate location services to receive alerts and safety instructions when they enter an area that is under threat. Learn more here, or download from the app stores below.

Mobile devices for law enforcement communications.