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Solving the Emergency Alert Conundrum

By Lisa Bernard and Steve Sickler

Picture this—you’ve just sent out an emergency alert, but instead of a flood of frantic phone calls clogging up your 911 lines, residents are calmly accessing critical information with a few taps on their smartphones.  

Sounds too good to be true? Not anymore!  

Enter the Genasys Protect Platform, a game-changer in emergency communication that puts vital information right at the fingertips of those who need it most.

The Challenge: Overwhelmed 911 Lines 

Sending out emergency alerts is just the first step. The real challenge arises when the public floods 911 lines with questions like ‘Is the fire near me?’ ‘Where should I go?’ or ‘Do you have animal care available?’. These inquiries not only slow down emergency response times, but also risk blocking critical communication channels. 

The Solution: The Genasys Protect Platform

The Genasys Protect suite of emergency communications tools offers a revolutionary solution to this problem by seamlessly integrating a public information map into any emergency alert. Your community will have access to a map that provides users with all the information they need, from the location of the emergency to evacuation routes and available resources. With this downloadable app, residents can access vital information quickly and easily, reducing the strain on emergency response teams. 

Key Features

  • Public Information Map—The heart of the Genasys Protect Platform, the public information map provides real-time updates on the emergency situation, including the location of the incident, evacuation zones, shelters, and more. 
  • Accessibility—The platform is designed to be accessible to everyone, with a user-friendly interface that can be accessed via desktop, mobile devices, or through an iOS/Android app. No need to opt-in to a notification system – residents in the affected area are automatically notified. 
  • Information Sharing—In addition to providing information to residents, the platform enables easy sharing of critical information with other agencies and organizations involved in emergency response. This ensures seamless coordination and communication during a crisis. 
  • Customization—The Genasys Protect Platform can be customized to meet the specific needs of each community, allowing for tailored alerts and information dissemination based on the type and severity of the emergency. 

Key Benefits

  • Reduced 911 Calls—By providing residents with easy access to critical information, the Genasys Protect Platform helps reduce the number of inquiries flooding 911 lines, allowing emergency responders to focus on their primary task – saving lives. 
  • Enhanced Public Safety—With timely and accurate information at their fingertips, residents can make informed decisions to protect themselves and their families, ultimately enhancing public safety during emergencies. 
  • Improved Emergency Response—By facilitating communication and coordination among emergency response teams, the platform helps streamline the response process, leading to more efficient and effective emergency management. 

To Sum Up

In the fast-paced world of emergency communication, having the right tools can make all the difference.  

The Genasys Protect Platform offers a comprehensive solution to the challenge of overwhelmed 911 lines, providing residents with the information they need to stay safe and informed during emergencies. With its user-friendly interface, real-time updates, and seamless integration with existing systems, the platform is revolutionizing the way communities communicate in times of crisis. 

Contact Genasys today to learn more about the Genasys Protect Platform that takes response times from hours to minutes.