Genasys Protect

Targeted, Multi-Channel Communication for your Community

Genasys Protect ALERT offers comprehensive community notification solution that gives your community what they need- the right message at the right time. Centrally manage all community notifications through a single platform with Genasys Protect ALERT.

Genasys Protect ALERT is a new technology for a new era of public safety. This critical component of the Genasys Protect platform encourages community engagement with a public-facing mobile app and website through which community members can monitor conditions in their area during both emergency situations and non-critical events.

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Graphic depicting ALERT's channel offerings.

Finding the right technology to solve the problem is half the battle. Invest in modern tools for community communication and engagement

Modern technology provides tools for developing and disseminating relevant information to your community in a short amount of time without disrupting crisis management operations. Internal departments can collaborate, develop templates, manage databases and set up channels of communication, all in one tool. With this kind of preparation in place, you can be rest assured that your community will always have direct access to accurate information from one source of truth- their local authorities.

No more reliance on consumer apps for incorrect or incomplete information.

Genasys Protect ALERT Enables Targeted Communications Through Multiple Channels

Precise Communications

Send alerts to individuals, segmented groups, or everyone in targeted geographic areas. Improve adaptability and flexibility by making new zones on the fly and using condition-based groups to reach targets with precision.

Multi-Channel Alerts

Improve message penetration rates with multi-language support and communication through multiple channels including: SMS, CBC, Genasys ACOUSTICS, social media, voice calls, TV, radio, digital signage, and more.

Public-Facing Awareness

Empower employees, community members, or visitors to track what is happening in real time through a simple and intuitive app and web portal.

Automated Alerts

Augment emergency communications with automated alerts to community or team members. Send weather alerts and more to the Genasys mobile app, web interface, or any registered device.

Incident Trigger Integration

Use integrated sensors, soft keys, or dedicated panic buttons to send alerts with location-specific details, protecting people, infrastructure, and facilities.

One-Click Response

Use quick-launch templates and send a notification with just one click or automated API calls, reducing the time to notify people with warnings, updates, alerts, or critical messages.

“We are excited to add the Genasys solution as the latest addition to our emergency preparedness infrastructure,” said Greenwood County Emergency Service Director Derek Oliver.  “This powerful mass notification system will improve the county’s ability to disseminate critical information and ensure the safety and well-being of all residents. By signing up for Genasys alerts, community members can stay informed and take appropriate actions during emergencies, contributing to a more resilient and prepared community.”  

Derek Oliver
Emergency Service Director, Greenwood County, SC 

Genasys Protect ALERT

Send targeted communications to people in specific locations with Genasys Protect ALERT. Reach people quickly by reducing communication creation times through dynamic templates that broadcast communications through multiple channels. Gain the confidence that comes from knowing your response plans are fully tested and backed by a partner with more than four decades of front-line experience. Genasys Protect keeps people safe before, during, and after emergency events.

Collaborating with various departments in your agency to send timely communication to your community is one of the most powerful ways to increase the speed of information sharing. Whether you’re trying to get a message to a small group or a large area, the ability to customize your communication by incident type and across multiple channels is a key consideration for a well-rounded solution. Invest in a solution that gives you scale and increases efficiency to your communication process.  

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Genasys Protect ALERT enables you to:

Reduce resource management costs with modern technology

Customize your messages to specific incidents and recipient devices

Collaborate with other departments seamlessly

Send digital multi-channel communication with one click

Track message delivery and get acknowledgement