Safeguarding the Public & Protecting Officers

Safeguarding the Public & Protecting Officers

LRAD is fundamentally changing the way law enforcement agencies conduct everyday duties and elevated risk operations. LRAD systems ensure law enforcement’s warnings, commands and notifications are clearly heard and understood in every operational situation. Rugged, reliable, and easy to operate, LRAD resolves uncertain situations, safeguards the public and protects police officers.


Clear, Concise Critical Communications

LRAD’s advanced driver and waveguide technology ensures voice
and alert tone broadcasts cut through background noise and are clearly heard and understood, even inside vehicles and buildings. Safely optimized to the primary range of human hearing, LRAD systems broadcast voice messages with industry-leading vocal clarity and intelligibility.


LRAD is a game changer for communication between the police and the public. If we can effectively communicate…we reduce the chances of anybody getting hurt.

Sgt. J.E. Armstrong, Greensboro, NC PD

LRAD is Law Enforcement’s Communication System of Choice

  • Crowd Communication and Control
  • Active Shooter Threats
  • SWAT Operations
  • Serving High-Risk Warrants
  • Barricaded Subject and Hostage Negotiations
  • Shelter-in-Place and Safe-to-Return Notifications
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • Traffic Control
  • Air-to-Ground Communications
  • Vehicle, Boat and Helicopter-Mounted Communications

We have the opportunity to work with several other agencies in the valley, and when they hear our LRAD everyone asks about it. I overheard one of our senior operators say “It’s the best thing we have ever bought for the team.”

Officer Jeff Weiner, Henderson, NV PD

Download the Genasys LRAD Law Enforcement Brochure

LRAD is Law Enforcement’s Communications System of Choice

Law enforcement and public safety agencies around the world, including more than 450 U.S. cities, counties and states, use LRAD systems and support equipment.

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