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LRAD’s Global Impact in a Changing World

By Peter Ayre, Vice President Of Business Development EMEA at Genasys Inc.

In an ever-changing world where large-scale emergencies and security challenges are prevalent, Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs) have emerged as crucial tools for effective communication and protection.  

LRAD systems are currently in place in over 100 countries and 500+ U.S. cities ensuring safety and security in a multitude of environments and situations where clear communications is needed to resolve uncertain situations, keep individuals and large groups of people safe and save lives.

Long Range Voice Broadcasts with Focused, Clear Sound

LRADs have become indispensable assets for international agencies and organizations dealing with diverse public safety and security challenges. From law enforcement agencies managing large crowds and combating crime to military forces enhancing communication and minimizing escalation of force, LRADs offer a unique blend of long-range communication and protection capabilities. Their ability to transmit clear and intelligible messages over long distances ensures effective communication, even in challenging environments. 

Exclusive to LRAD by Genasys is its proprietary audio technology that focuses audible voice messages and tones forward, while also reducing sound levels coming from behind the device so that audible transmissions can reach over 5,000 meters with exceptional clarity and intelligibility. Uses include: 

  • Determining the intent of approaching vehicles and vessels not responding to radio calls  
  • Creating large safety zones 
  • Managing large crowds 
  • Minimizing the use of force 
  • Search and rescue 
  • Communicating to barricaded groups or individuals 
  • Preserving lives  

Areas of Impact:

  1. Large Crowd Communications – During events with large crowds, such as protests, sporting events, or concerts, LRADs facilitate efficient communication by ensuring messages reach the intended audience clearly and without distortion.  
  1. Law Enforcement – LRADs empower law enforcement agencies with enhanced communication capabilities during everyday duties and crisis situations, enabling them to issue clear warnings, commands and instructions from safe distances to de-escalate potentially volatile situations, such as active shooters, hostage negotiations or barricaded subjects, and much more. 
  1. Critical Infrastructure Protection – LRADs play a vital role in safeguarding public, quasi-public, and private critical infrastructure, such as nuclear facilities, dams, and ports, by providing real-time alerts and warnings to prevent security breaches from potential threats.  
  1. Wildlife Protection – In areas where wildlife and humans collide, such as airports and offshore drilling facilities, LRADs can be used to humanely deter birds and wildlife from entering hazardous areas or to prevent human intruders from entering restricted areas.  
  1. Military and Border Security- LRADs enable clear and precise communication over long distances in any language, ensuring critical messages are clearly heard and understood without interference or misinterpretation. For border security, LRADs facilitate effective communication between border patrol agents and individuals at a distance, helping to manage borders and identify and interdict potential terrorism, human trafficking and drug smuggling.  
  1. Non-Profits – LRADs are an effective way for humanitarian workers to communicate the locations of aid and assistance after catastrophic events and humanitarian disasters. 
  1. Fire and Rescue – LRADs play a vital role in enhancing communication, coordination, and safety in fire and rescue operations, contributing significantly to effective emergency response efforts. From critical evacuations during fire or weather events to locating lost individuals, like the indigenous children lost in the jungles of Columbia in 2023, LRADs provide highly effective communications capabilities that save lives.

To Sum Up

LRADs from Genasys continue to make a significant impact globally, bridging communication gaps, enhancing security measures and ensuring safety across various sectors. Their adaptability, long-range capabilities and reliability make them essential components of modern security and emergency communication strategies. 

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