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Law Enforcement

Audible voice communications are clearly head and understood by individuals, groups, and large crowds.

Eliminate confusion and establish greater standoff distance between SWAT officers and potentially dangerous suspects and situations.

Clearly communicate warnings and commands from safe distances into vehicles, apartments, homes, and buildings.

LRAD is a game-changer for clearly delivering notifications, directions, and instructions during public safety situations.

LRAD Law Enforcement Products

Broadcasting highly intelligible voice communications and attention-commanding alert tones, LRAD systems ensure law enforcement’s warnings, commands and notifications are clearly heard and understood in every operational situation. Rugged, reliable, and easy to operate, LRAD safeguards the public, protects police officers, resolves uncertain situations, and saves lives.

LRAD Law Enforcement Use Cases

Read how police officers use LRADs during protests, SWAT operations, large crowd events, barricaded subject and armed gunman incidents, natural disasters, talking down individuals from self-harm, and other use cases. Long Range Acoustic Devices save lives. 

LRAD in Action

View our library of LRAD law enforcement videos to see how our Long Range Acoustic Devices are used in many applications.

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Law Enforcement Products of Choice

Portable Communication for Every Operational Scenario
Low profile, lightweight and designed for temporary or fixed mounting on vehicles, small vessels, and tripods
LRAD 500X MMT Helicopter-Mounted System