Law Enforcement

LRAD is law enforcement's communication systems of choice throughout the world, including in more than 500 U.S. cities. LRAD systems are fundamentally changing the way law enforcement agencies conduct everyday duties and elevated risk operations to protect the public and safeguard police officers.

Bullhorns, megaphones and mobile public address systems have limited intelligibility and minimal broadcast range, creating significant communications challenges. LRAD systems ensure law enforcement's warning, commands, and instructions are clearly heard and understood.

Crowd Communication

Active Shooter

Swat Operations

Hostage Negotiations

Search & Rescue

Traffic Control

Air-to-Ground Communication

Vehicle, Boat, Helicopter Communication

Law Enforcement Products of Choice

Portable Communication for Every Operational Scenario

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Compact, lightweight and designed for applications ranging from fixed security installations to mid-sized vehicles and vessels

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LRAD 500X MMT Helicopter-Mounted System

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