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Fire & Rescue

When Fire Rescue teams need to communicate critical information to individuals or groups in harm’s way, LRAD systems broadcast real-time messages with exceptional vocal clarity from close range out to 2,000 meters.

Unlike conventional loudspeakers, bullhorns and outdoor P.A. systems that disperse sound in all directions and have limited loudness and poor vocal quality, LRAD’s proprietary driver and waveguide technology focuses sound in a 30° beam while substantially reducing sound levels behind the long-range communication systems and in surrounding areas.

Fully functional in austere environments, LRAD’s wide area broadcasts free firefighters and emergency responders to attend to other critical duties.

Incident Management

Establish safety zones and enforcing fire perimeters

Broadcast notifications to bystanders and neighborhoods

Communicate instructions to trapped or confined individuals

Issue evacuation, shelter-in-place and safe-to-return notifications from a single location

Communicate to firefighters when radios aren’t working


During wildfires, flooding, HAZMAT incidents, train derailments, major road accidents and other crisis situations, a few individuals or several thousand people may be affected. LRAD systems are highly effective in communicating warnings, instructions and notifications locally and over wide areas during life threatening events.

Warn & Notify

Notify everyone in affected areas simultaneously

Quickly establish restricted areas

Warn of blocked evacuation routes

Instruct & Detect

Provide stay / evacuate / safe exit routes

Quickly clear Hot Zones

Communicate concise and unambiguous messages to assist with DECON procedures

Create isolation and quarantine areas and provide information, instructions and reassurance to survivors.

Search & Rescue

LRAD systems enable search and rescue teams to communicate to stranded or hidden victims by making them aware of rescue operations and providing assurance, encouragement and instructions on how they can help rescue teams find them.

Technical Rescues

LRAD provides a communication lifeline that facilitates the successful rescues of individuals attempting suicide, or persons stranded in high rise buildings, on bridges, causeways, or other hard-to-access locations.

Fire & Rescue Products of Choice

Portable Communication for Every Fire & Rescue Operational Scenario
Low profile, lightweight and designed for temporary or fixed mounting on vehicles, trucks and tripods
360° communication over local or large areas for incident management and establishing safety zones