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Fire Rescue

When fire rescue teams need to communicate critical information to individuals, groups, or firefighters in harm’s way, LRAD systems are increasingly used to broadcast audible voice messages with exceptional clarity, over background noise, and into buildings and vehicles.

LRAD systems are being used by public safety agencies around the world to ensure warnings, notifications, directions, and instructions containing potentially life-saving information are clearly heard and understood in any language.

Significantly improve communication, safety, security, and operational effectiveness during fire rescue incidents.

Clearly deliver audible warnings, instructions, and notifications throughout disaster sites and over local and wide areas during life-threatening events.

Provide stay/evacuate and safe exit route notifications to quickly clear hot zones. Communicate concise and unambiguous messages to assist with DECON procedures

Multifaceted communications capability deployable on the ground, in the water, and from the air to quickly cover large areas and facilitate successful rescues.

LRAD systems are in service in more than 100 countries and 500 U.S. cities in diverse applications.

LRAD Fire Rescue Products

LRAD systems deliver live or recorded voice messages with exceptional clarity for any fire rescue incident. Optimized to the primary range of hearing, LRAD’s Advanced Driver and Waveguide Technology ensure every broadcast is clearly heard and understood, even above crowd, engine, and background noise.

LRAD Fire Rescue Use Cases

Read our LRAD Fire Rescue Case Studies as well as many others where LRAD systems have been used during civil unrest and armed conflicts, emergency notifications and evacuation warnings, critical infrastructure protection and wildlife preservation, commercial maritime and naval security, and search & rescue and humanitarian operations, Long Range Acoustic Devices save lives. 

LRAD Fire Rescue in Action

View our library of LRAD videos and see how our Long Range Acoustic Devices are used in various applications around the world.

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Fire & Rescue Products of Choice

Portable Communication for Every Fire & Rescue Operational Scenario
Low profile, lightweight and designed for temporary or fixed mounting on vehicles, trucks and tripods
360° communication over local or large areas for incident management and establishing safety zones