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Three Components of the Genasys Protect Platform:


Refine Response Plans Based on Real-World Data

  • Analyze post-event data
  • Assess how updated models behave
  • Improve preparedness and response plans

Analyze post-event data

Evaluate data and actions to enhance how Genasys Protect safeguards your community/enterprise and build more effective response plans.

Conduct post-event audits. 

Analyze event data and first responder feedback to identify successes and what can be improved.

Collaborate with stakeholders.

Analyze additional information such as insurance claim data to help quantify costs of damages.

Organize insights.

Focus on most relevant use cases, creating a more efficient and effective response process.

Assess how updated models behave

Run revised models using updated data to assess how different responses to events are likely to culminate.

Flexibly redefine response zones.

Determine if a zone should be split in two to better address its needs.

Adjust on the fly.

Update location data to reflect recent developments.

Test and simulate.

Test revised communication templates to clarify messages.

Improve preparedness and response plans

Apply learnings and data back to the planning stage to create a virtuous cycle of constant improvement.

Deploy refined response plans.

Cycle back to Plan and Simulate in the Plan-Act-Optimize cycle.

Improve with AI.

Leverage AI-powered insights and after-action reports to further improve your plans (coming soon).