Genasys Emergency Management

The only unified critical communications platform that combines hardware, software and geo-data analytics.

Genasys Emergency Management

Multi-Agency Alerting

Genasys Emergency Management adds a powerful and intuitive orchestration and management layer on top of existing physical and digital infrastructure—enhancing clarity, reach and range in critical communications.

Critical Situations are on the rise. Your business, community, and home are subject to greater risks from natural Disasters, Floods, Epidemics, civil unrest, and active shooters. Keep your staff, residents, and constituents safe by keeping them informed with multi-channel alerting and real time situational awareness.

The Genasys Solution


Receives alerts and warnings on easy-to-use dashboard and activates notifications.

Mobile Alerts

Send geo-targeted SMS, Text, Cell Broadcast, Email, and Social Media

Voice Calls

Deliver voice calls at scale.


Notifications sent through TCP/IP, Satellite, WiFi, GPRS/GSM, Fiber, Radio


Broadcast audible sirens and clearly understood voice messages over local or large areas

CAP Compliant

Override local FM and TV stations, send messages to digital displays.


Genasys can deliver thousands of emails per second.

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Genasys Emergency Management

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Whether you are looking for an end-to-end solution capable of serving the entire nation or a simple system to deliver critical notifications to everyone in your organization - we are the system of choice.


Genasys Emergency Management

End-to-end intuitive and intelligent notification system that scales with your needs.


Conventional Mass Notification

Typical competitive off-the-shelf offering for Mass Notification and Public Safety Alerts.

Delivery over SMS, E-Mail, Phones
Delivery to Social media
Multilingual Alerts
Auto-Discovery of Devices
Location-based Two-Way SMS
IPAWS WEA 3.0 Ready
Seamless Integration with LRAD Speaker Arrays
Integration with Motorola Radios
Integrated ESRI Mapping
Support for Visitors entering Critical Area
Genasys Emergency Management

Customers Served

Genasys Emergency Management

Case Study: Salvation Army

Powerful Insights,
Speed, Reach, and Reliability

With more than 300 community centers across 13 states, The Salvation Army’s Western Territory needed a way to coordinate its COVID-19 response. With the pandemic spreading more and more everyday, resources had to be optimized and directed at Hot Spots. Changing requirements and conditions during the pandemic and other crisis situations require efficient information exchange with personnel and volunteers.

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Genasys’ unified, multi-channel critical communications platform provides situational awareness, transparent communications and advanced GIS capabilities using geographic analysis and algorithms that combine data sources with location and movement information. Advanced visualization, geographic permissions, influence areas, buffers and other tools support the critical decision-making process of organizations and enterprises during crisis situations.

Genasys Emergency Managment

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