Using Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs) to Enhance Communication and Safety

By Jeff Palmer
Director of Business Development, LRAD

In the realm of audible communication technology, one innovation stands out for its versatility, clarity, and effectiveness: the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD). Developed by Genasys, LRADs have revolutionized communication in many settings, offering unparalleled capabilities that ensure recipients receive instructions and information across long distances.

LRAD Primary Benefits

With directional sound projection, including recorded and live voice broadcasts, LRAD systems deliver instructions and information to intended recipients clearly and effectively. Whether it’s crowd communications, public safety situations, border security, maritime and coastal security, search and rescue missions, tactical operations, or wildlife preservation, LRADs are invaluable due to their unmatched voice clarity and ability to be heard and understood over background noise, even inside buildings and vehicles. How do LRADs benefit their users?

Enhanced Communication

LRADs ensure that voice messages and alert tones are clearly heard, even in challenging environments. Depending on the model, LRAD broadcasts can be clearly understood from close range out to 5,000m (16,404ft). Their unique design allows them to maintain unmatched clarity over long distances. Whether issuing commands to a suspicious subject or providing instructions to a crowd, LRAD broadcasts always reach their intended recipients. This mitigates the possibility for confusion and provides other key benefits.

Enhanced Safety

LRADs increase operator safety when communicating with potentially dangerous individuals during military, police and public safety operations. LRADs also protect people by broadcasting warnings, notifications, and instructions to those who unknowingly approach restricted areas or attempt to enter dangerous locations.

Scalable Escalation of Force and Peaceful Resolutions

LRADs are renowned for their ability to provide minimal and safe escalation of force. The ability to communicate with individuals at safe distances minimizes the need for force by warning and instructing individuals before situations escalate.  Additionally, LRADs de-escalate potentially volatile situations such as large protests. The ability to project warnings or instructions from a safe distance deters aggression and promotes peaceful resolutions.

Establishing Large Safety Perimeters and Standoff Zones 

LRADs are often used to establish large safety perimeters and standoff zones, keeping potential threats at bay while maintaining effective communication with individuals inside these areas. This capability is essential in managing large-scale events or containing dangerous situations, including hostage negotiations, barricaded subjects, or during active shooter incidents.

LRAD In Action

Effective communication lies at the heart of LRAD’s diverse applicability in Defense, Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, Border Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and Maritime Safety. Law enforcement operations, particularly in elevated risk operations, benefit greatly from LRADs; SWAT operations, large events and crowd communication, search and rescue missions, barricaded subject situations, and other critical events have significantly safer outcomes when LRADs are deployed.  

LRADs represent a cutting-edge solution for enhancing communication and safety during critical events. With their unparalleled voice clarity, precise targeting, and versatile applications, LRADs empower agencies to effectively manage a wide range of scenarios while prioritizing de-escalation and minimizing the use of force. As technology continues to evolve, LRADs remain at the forefront, ensuring that effective communication remains a cornerstone of military, law enforcement, and public safety efforts worldwide. 

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