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Solutions to Common Policing Challenges During a Crisis

Priorities and Challenges During a Crisis

The conditions and threats that arise during times of crisis require first responders to receive instant updates. Their safety relies on quick communication. With social media, online messaging, and texting as prevalent as they are, your employees are dependent on instant communication and fast responses in their day-to-day lives as well as at work.

There are a number of officer safety concerns that specifically come up during times of crisis that can be minimized with quick department communication. Here are some of the top concerns and solutions:

Top Officer Safety Concerns During a Crisis

Instantly updating employees on protocol changes

Agency-wide updates occur more frequently during times of crisis, like the coronavirus pandemic. You need to inform your employees quickly of any changes, which can be difficult without a universal instant messaging platform. Email isn’t as readily checked, and other messaging apps aren’t compliant and secure.

With software like Genasys Protect CONNECT, you can send out agency-wide updates to every employee instantly. It’s made for law enforcement and government use, so it is compliant and has the features you need to keep your officers safe and informed.

Ensuring all employees have proper safety gear

Depending on the nature of the crisis, there may be a need for increased safety gear.

Within CONNECT, you can create “Squad Rooms” where supervisors can conduct inventory, document progress, and track compliance. It’s an easy way to keep track of gear and ensure every officer has what they need. Every officer can look back and reference older messages as needed, and you have a track record of your communication within your squad room.

Police in full gear preparing for an event.

Keeping officers safe during unpredictable domestic violence calls

Unfortunately, domestic violence tends to increase during times of crisis. Your goal is to keep your officers safe on these calls, and active, instant communication can help do that.

You can use CONNECT to update dispatch on protocol changes with agency-wide notifications. With these mass updates, you can ensure every officer and employee has the most up-to-date information. As you see an increase in domestic violence calls, your officers will be able to stay safe and informed.

Informing officers about mental health resources

During a time of crisis, mental health resources are usually at or near capacity. Officers responding to calls may need to have information readily available to share.

Using CONNECT, you can remind all patrol officers of the current contact numbers for mental health services so they can be of better service to citizens.

You can also connect with employees at mental health facilities inside CONNECT by adding them as guests. That ensures your communication is HIPAA compliant and keeps all the information you collect in one place. This can speed up the spread of information and allow you to give help to those who need it faster than before.

Prepare for civil disturbances before they happen

Depending on the nature of the crisis, the threat of civil disturbances could increase during a crisis. Plans need to be prepared, and teams need to be trained for deployment so that if a civil disturbance occurs, your team is ready.

It is likely that a large civil disturbance could become a national media incident, so elected officials and PIO teams probably need to be involved. It’s easy to connect with them on CONNECT as guests, so they can get the information they need straight from the source, instantly. If they have recommendations for officers responding to a civil disturbance, then they can share them directly with the team.

Use CONNECT to share information quickly and efficiently

How do you get the real facts out? On CONNECT, you can create an agency-wide alert room and send messages instantly to all employees or officers. You can feel confident that everyone is updated and in the loop.

Emails do not cut it during crisis events and emergencies.  Contact us today to schedule a demo and to discuss how CONNECT can help your agency. Don’t risk miscommunication—control it!