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Public Approval and Police Transparency – How Does Your Administration Deliver?

Police transparency—whether internal or public-facing—begins with communication clarity. And the rapid sharing of intelligence leads to faster crime-solving and crime reduction. From there, public approval naturally follows.

Police transparency is a hot-button issue in today’s climate. In the era of instant communication and social media, ‘truth’ and ‘news’ are oftentimes decided by likes and shares rather than facts. Hearsay spreads like wildfire on public networks, and city leaders struggle against social media headlines, false narratives, and protest groups that can mobilize at the sound of a tweet.

Law enforcement agencies need a better tool to ensure the truth is upheld, and to get an edge, they need to stay in front of the news before it breaks.

What’s needed is a compliant app that makes it easy to communicate quickly and clearly with other local departments and even across state lines, and in turn, keep the populations they serve safe. 

Accountability with Public Safety

Today’s technology is designed to support police transparency—not only for their own agencies but for their public records retention requirements too. Genasys Protect CONNECT works to increase accountability and build even stronger relationships with the general public and community leaders.

Sharing key information via email is slow and awkward. But the alternatives, like texting and SMS, or public messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Slack, and Teams, aren’t any better. They’re not just disorganized; using them for work correspondence is also illegal!

Other communication methods also put agencies at risk for hacking, data breaches, and having critical information fall into the wrong hands. With CONNECT’s military-grade encryption and security features, your critical information is safe.

CONNECT makes it simple for law enforcement agencies to stay compliant and transparent. It helps hold teams accountable and keeps communication pathways clear because all messaging is fully retained, never deleted, and fully in line with federal and state-level regulations. CONNECT’s archiving features ensure that you can always access and review old messages, so the truth is always at your fingertips for audits, internal investigations, or case logs. 

Faster Crime Solving

CONNECT was specifically created for public safety professionals, and its user-friendly features help bring about quicker resolutions to criminal activity. Internal police transparency becomes second nature when chiefs, sheriffs, and police executives have the ability to clarify situations and dispel rumors with direct messaging. They can use the app to update every single employee instantly, which is really invaluable in today’s fast-paced world.

CONNECT even allows for interdepartmental communication to share intelligence directly with public safety partners. It gives law enforcement true speed when it comes to crime-solving. You want to be able to act fast before any baseless lies have the chance to be created and spread throughout your community.

The Solution to Interoperability

Law enforcement accountability and communication become streamlined when you have the ability to share all intelligence and collaborate in real-time with your neighboring agencies, fire, and paramedics. Accurate and immediate intelligence can be shared across states or even nationally with the CONNECT community. This leads to quicker arrests, locating missing persons, and crime reduction as a whole.  

Police dispatch, crime analysts, and support personnel can ensure communication clarity by instantly pushing accurate data to all those who need it. You can get even more out of CONNECT by using group chats across neighboring agencies. It’s the easiest way to reach true interoperability.

Your patrol officers can share beat information, suspect info, and crime data in real-time. The CONNECT app keeps communication clear, and that means communities can rest assured that their public safety professionals are being held accountable. 

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