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Data Integrity

Data integrity is critical in any communications record, but perhaps never more so than among first responders and government agencies.  First responders and the public they serve must be able to trust that the quality of the high-stakes data is intact and not tampered with once it leaves the original sender. Think Doordash and the assurance that no one has touched your food once it’s left the restaurant. Your critical data must have the same quality guarantee.

The police must have total assurance that the intelligence sent and received is secure, confidential, and readily available.  In the event of an incident requiring records to be subpoenaed, data integrity ensures transparency and insurance for all parties.  Local government records retention guidelines, and stringent open record laws require all work-related communication to remain accessible and non-repudiated.  Non-repudiation, or the assurance that a sender of information is guaranteed with proof of delivery and the recipient is provided with proof of the sender’s identity, means your data is held to the highest bar of integrity.

Government Data Retention Policy and CONNECT

Genasys Protect CONNECT, formerly Evertel, offers exclusive software that takes the burden of integrity assurance off your plate.  When considering the three prongs of data integrity—secure, confidential, and accessible—CONNECT has you covered.

No employee can delete or destroy data within CONNECT, ever.  It is logged, stored, and maintained on CONNECT’s own secure cloud platform.  All data can be readily recovered and audited, and you, in the mean time, are kept compliant with retention guidelines for local authorities.

Even if a user retracts a message, such as when errant information was accidentally sent and the user deems it necessary to retract the message,

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A Record-Retention Solution That Works

Government document retention policies and government data retention policies have a track record of costing municipalities hefty fines—think hundreds of thousands of dollars—when data is lost or mismanaged.  CONNECT promises to keep you compliant and your data secure on our very own cloud, located on U.S. soil.  Having your data stored on our cloud means that the disappearance or withholding of devices does not equal non-compliance or hinder the acquisition of any requested data.

General record retention schedules and local authority retention schedules no longer equate to just more files to be managed within a department or concerns for users.  CONNECT automatically stores all data forever, leaving you to focus on the importance of keeping your community safe. Should a public information request be received, authorized CONNECT users can quickly and easily export any and all requested data in a variety of formats.