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How to Better Collaborate with Neighboring Agencies

Communicating within your own agency is difficult. Communicating with neighboring agencies can be even more difficult, especially during a community crisis. Email can be slow, and radio communications are not secure. How do you communicate quickly in an effective and secure way?

During any major crisis, a variety of agencies may be involved and need to stay in communication. This can include city police, county sheriffs, state police, federal law enforcement, district attorneys, state attorneys, and local and state-elected officials. How do we reach out to those who need to know the latest orders, intel, and updates?

Invite Community Leaders as Guests

In a crisis where community leaders are involved and need to be in contact with your agency, it is difficult to stay on top of communication. You have emails, phone calls, messaging platforms, and in-person communication to manage both within your agency and with outside community leaders.

Genasys Protect CONNECT is a secure and compliant messaging app where you can invite community leaders as guests to a ‘room’ so you can give them updates and intel that is relevant to the situation. They will get the information securely in real-time on their smartphone or computer, and you will save time by updating every essential community leader at once.

Police  in formation during an event.

Create Inter-Agency Crisis Rooms

During a major crisis, your department can create inter-agency crisis rooms where your agency and neighboring agencies can securely share information. It can be very difficult to share information from agency to agency, especially during a crisis. With CONNECT, it is easy to communicate and collaborate with your team and your fellow agencies.

In these crisis rooms, any member can send updates as needed without fear of the media or public listening in. Radio communication can be effective for emergency communication, but private intel cannot be shared on public radio channels. CONNECT is secure and compliant, so you don’t need to worry about information being leaked or someone listening in. Executives can even send out instant alerts to every member on CONNECT in case of an emergency.

Regional collaboration is easier than ever with CONNECT. It allows you to communicate and collaborate within your agency and with neighboring agencies quickly and effectively.

Hear it From CONNECT Users

Take a look at what some of our users have to say about CONNECT:

“CONNECT gives me the ability to connect with all of my peers in neighboring agencies. Now we can instantly share crime trends, wanted persons, request support all in seconds, from our phones! That’s never happened in my 25+ years of service.”

Sgt. Thompson

“We just had an ‘officer-involved’ shooting and thankfully, the officer was only shot one time in the vest.  However, the rumors in our agency were very bad so from the scene, on my phone, I was able to update all employees on the real facts and dispelled all rumors.  That is a very powerful and extremely effective service CONNECT offers.”

Chief Hernandez

“This system is great! Everyone is pleased with the platform.  Our small agency uses CONNECT to send daily shift briefings to all patrol officers and dispatch. We all stay connected.”

Sheriff Cruz

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