Communication is the Key to Strong Leadership

The strongest leaders in history, whether in public service or business, have shown the ability to communicate and connect with their audiences, especially in times of trouble. Crisis situations and high-profile incidents call for timely and effective responses.

You can improve your organization’s leadership capabilities while enhancing performance, team strategy, and overall effectiveness using Genasys Protect CONNECT, a secure and compliant messaging app.

CONNECT’s secure online messaging platform, already in use by many police departments, fire departments, and local government offices around the nation, eliminates many communication concerns, regardless of an organization’s size and scope.

Email Is No Longer Effective

In times of crisis, leaders cannot expect busy employees and officers to constantly check for email updates. Critical information gets lost easily, and you cannot confirm that they received or read the email.

CONNECT’s secure communication system alerts all parties to critical information, regardless of where they’re located. This is especially important for streamlining communication between employees and supervisors.

Social Media Platforms Aren’t Secure

While it may be tempting to communicate using social media platforms, these options pose serious security threats. It is illegal for law enforcement officers to use public social media apps, e.g., WhatsApp, Teams, and Slack, for communication, yet many continue to use them because they don’t have an alternative.

A sound best practice for social media is to never use unsecured apps to send information that you wouldn’t want the public to see. Even in a private group, your messages are only as secure as the accounts you’re sending them to.

As a CONNECT user, you can audit all messages. You have a level of control you do not have with traditional social media apps.

Texts Can Be Forwarded

Text messages may be fast and convenient, but smartphone apps are not a secure method for sharing sensitive information. 

With a single click, any message you send can be forwarded to parties that should not be privy to certain information. Leaders would be smart to assume that any information sent through text will be shared.

Group Chats Cannot Be Controlled

Group chats, whether via phone lines or communication platforms, are a popular tool among first responders and leaders in government. However, it’s impossible to make these channels secure, and they do not comply with communication laws. 

Unsecured communication channels cost leaders valuable resources; addressing rumors among employees, media professionals, and community members is time-consuming and expensive. 

CONNECT Makes Communication Secure

With the proper tools, decision-makers are able to control their messages and connect with their audiences. With CONNECT, you can: 

  • Create your own agency-wide notification rooms, enabling you to keep every employee on the same page.
  • Regulate communication channels between employees, supervisors, and peers as appropriate.
  • Determine when and how to expand your communication platform.
  • Ensure that all shared data is compliant with public records laws in your state.
  • Effectively combat rumors by distributing facts to all employees simultaneously.

As a leader, you know that communication is crucial. Genasys Protect CONNECT supplies the powerful tools you need to optimize your communication capabilities and lead more effectively. Contact us to schedule a demo.