Catch Crime Suspects Faster with CONNECT

Time is of the essence in almost every capacity, and crime tracking is no exception.  Public safety alerts were designed to disseminate information quickly and reestablish community safety as soon as possible.  The emergency alert system has evolved to include sending alerts directly to the threatened public’s wireless devices, radios, televisions, and other media.  As technology develops, so too does the ability to effectively publicize critical safety intelligence.  However, in terms of criminal intelligence dissemination among law enforcement and first responders, Genasys Protect CONNECT saw room for improvement.  

When First Responder Communication Lags, Lives are Lost

Attending the California Homicide Investigators Association (CHIA) program, we discovered some alarming news: the association and its agencies cannot immediately share murder suspects once probable cause exists for arrest.  This poses an incredible risk to the officers and the community they serve.  While public safety alerts have hopped on technological trends and worked to get vital information to the public quickly, intelligence alerts among law enforcement have remained behind the times—until now. CONNECT effortlessly weaves new technology with the needs of law enforcement, and the result is that murderers and dangerous criminals are brought to justice faster than ever before.  

Regional Collaboration Means Finding Suspects Swiftly

Suspects are brought to law quicker, and communities are made safer using CONNECT.  Existing CONNECT agencies can create a regional-specific collaboration chat room, adding all regional agency leaders.  From the chat room, a case agent can create a wanted-person bulletin using any device, even the mobile app.  In three minutes or less, CONNECT gives you the power to go from a wanted person to a regionally shared, detailed bulletin.

When every moment counts in apprehending a dangerous criminal, you need the power to spread intelligence efficiently and quickly to maximize cross-team collaboration.  In times past, an all-points bulletin (or APB) might have been sent out over the radio to all the officers on a force.  Today, CONNECT gives you the capability to use collaboration software to get intelligence shared throughout regions simultaneously, rather than getting caught in clunky radio chatter. 

Suspect wearing handcuffs.

Incident Command Is The Free Communication Key For Every Government Agency

In addition to the quick creation and spread of wanted bulletins from the palm of your hand, CONNECT offers Incident Command (IC).  Any existing CONNECT user can create an IC room.  The IC room is open to any public safety employee from any government agency, regardless of whether they are a CONNECT user agency or not.  This room is free to join, and any user can immediately share missing person information internally within seconds, thus maximizing cross-functional collaboration and seizing threatening criminals in record time. Quick access to and dissemination of vital intelligence has, time and time again, proved to be the difference when it comes to getting deadly perpetrators off the streets and missing persons home safely.  

CONNECT graphic of SLED users.

Share Critical Intelligence in a Split Second with Statewide Staging

This service affords executives the ability to push all wanted murder suspect information to all public safety leaders in your state in less than half a second.  From there, leaders are able to push the information internally or share it in other regional rooms.  This instantaneous circulation of crucial intel means all the difference in community and officer safety.  

Take advantage of today’s best technology plus custom law enforcement features with CONNECT. Finally, first responders are empowered to get serious safety threats off the streets and restore peace to communities in record time. Contact us to schedule a demo.