Amber Alert—Done in 3 Minutes

When I was Chief of Police in Fort Worth, the majority of agencies in Texas were telling me that it takes between three and four hours to get an Amber Alert approved and distributed. There was even a specific case where it took seven to eight hours because the “fax machine wasn’t working” at the police district headquarters. [“After Fort Worth kidnapping, changes to Amber Alert process coming”  https://bit.ly/35bIEMr)

A More Efficient Alternative That Can Save Lives

Let’s all agree that, as a profession, we need to use advanced technology and make this process more efficient.

I always ask chiefs and sheriffs this question: “If this was your child and they were abducted, how long do you want to wait for this information to be across ALL agencies in your state? THREE minutes, or three to four hours??

This was the driving force behind creating Genasys Protect CONNECT’s (formerly Evertel) most advanced feature. “Statewide Notifications” work to unite all law enforcement across the entire region and even multiple states.

It’s a completely FREE service that lets our current user agencies connect with ANY agency, employee, or group they need in America.

CONNECT serves all first responders, public safety, emergency management, and city, county, and state employees. But our engineers built this platform specifically for police and law enforcement. That’s why it also includes a fast and simple way to issue your BOLO or Missing Person Bulletins.

In CONNECT, the BOLO function gives agencies a streamlined template. Then you can send specific photos, videos, vehicle descriptions, and suspect intelligence to as many agencies as needed.

ALL missing children, missing seniors (Silver Alerts), and potential kidnapping or trafficking calls for service need to be addressed ASAP. That’s how CONNECT’s “Statewide Notifications” feature can help. You can use the communications platform on any device and then easily send Amber Alerts within THREE minutes.

The first step to getting this feature only takes 15 minutes. Then your agency will have the advanced, user-friendly technology this industry needs to communicate more effectively and save lives.

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