Automatically receive and initiate custom-defined IPAWS alerts to staff, workforce and communities with Genasys IPAWS originator. Fully certified by FEMA.
Authenticated Emergency

The Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS)

IPAWS is FEMA's national system for local alerting. IPAWS provides authenticated emergency information to the public through mobile phones using Wireless Emergency Alerts, through radio and television via the Emergency Alert System, and on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Weather Radio.

Genasys is fully certified by FEMA as an IPAWS originator. With the FEMA certificate loaded into the system, publish WEA and EAS messages to alert the community. Genasys is fully WEA 3.0 compliant: broadcast short and long messages, English and Spanish in the same alert. Define a polygon and broadcast both by FIPS code or only to a specific geofence defined by the operator.

Genasys also supports nationwide FEMA feed monitoring. Set up an unlimited number of rules to monitor live IPAWS feed and automatically initiate custom-defined alerts to staff, workforce or community whenever a pattern is matched. From automatically published National Weather Service alerts to a neighboring county or authority publishing an urgent message – aggregate and escalate for quick action and response.

Picture of a computer monitor showing the Genasys interface

User-Friendly Interface

The Genasys interface is easy to use, even for first-time operators. The GIS-centirc interface provides easy targeting by FIPS or ZIP codes enabling geo-fencing on the fly from imported shapes.

Easy to Use Templates

Save time and eliminate errors by creating templates that can be launched in just two clicks or edited on the fly before publishing. Set up templates for routine testing and frequent alerting. Divide areas into sections so that relevant information reaches affected groups.

Test Environment

Each alert can be launched in “TEST MODE” to eliminate errors in public-facing messages. Configure speakers, run audio messages and practice emergency scenarios, all within the safety of the test playground.

Wireless Emergency Alert Support

Deliver public safety alerts to the cellphones of those in affected areas – no need to opt-in or signup. Geo-fence the affected area and deliver precise instructions and updates in seconds.

Emergency Alert System

Deliver alerts and updates on any modality that supports IPAWS, including local, cable and satellite TV, FM and AM radio – and other targeted broadcasts.

SMS and Speaker Broadcast

Automatically deliver messages issued by other authorities to your population via SMS and through Genasys’ state-of-the-art LRAD mass notification speaker arrays.

Infographic demonstrating the IPAWS process

WEA 3.0 Ready

Genasys’ IPAWS implementation fully supports FEMA WEA 3.0 specification, which includes increased character limits, simultaneous Spanish and English broadcast to WEA, enhanced geo-fencing precision and extended WEA handling codes.

English & Spanish

Genasys broadcasts English and Spanish instructions in the same alert. Recipients’ phones will automatically receive alerts in Spanish, if set to Spanish.

Increased Message Length

Genasys publishes legacy 90-character messages as well as extended 360-character messages in the same alert. Recipients’ devices capable of handling the extended character count will receive the extended messages.

Additional WEA Handling Codes

Genasys supports all WEA 3.0 handling codes introduced by FEMA.

Public Opt-In

Residents, visitors and tourists can opt-in to receive public safety alerts and notifications by adjusting their cell phone settings, if automatic opt-in is not available in a region or country.