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Serene Lakes, CA 360XT Demonstration

Oklahoma County, OK SWAT Uses LRAD to Serve High Risk Warrant and Defuse Dangerous Situation


LRAD 950 RXL Davis Dam

Davis Dam spans the Nevada/Arizona border on the Colorado River 67 miles downstream from Hoover Dam
and 88 miles upstream from Parker Dam. The dam impounds Lake Mohave and features a hydroelectric
facility on the Arizona side of the Colorado River.

Road Work Safety – The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the LRAD 450XL is being tested to alert drivers entering road work zones to slow down and pay attention to visual warnings. (Courtesy of Surcom)

LRAD 500X-MMT Air-to-Ground Communication System

The helicopter mounted LRAD 500X MMT broadcasts up to 2000 meters, is self-powered and not connected to any aircraft systems.

Horn System vs. LRAD – State College, PA

Pennsylvania State Police used a helicopter-mounted horn system in a dangerous low-altitude attempt to broadcast warnings to tailgaters before a Penn. State football game on September 30, 2018. The LRAD 500X-MMT has a 2000-meter air-to-ground communication range and broadcasts voice messages that are clearly heard and understood above rotor wash and background noise.

Ship to Shore Communication – Portsmouth, UK

The Portsmouth Police Marine Unit use a vessel-mounted LRAD 300X for ship-to-shore communication. In this video, the police warn prospective pier jumpers.
(Courtesy of UK Ministry of Defence Police)

Vehicle-Mounted LRAD Demonstration


Community Emergency Communications – Muskogee, OK

The City of Muskogee may soon be investing in a new emergency communication system after a recent demo to city and county officials of an LRAD Mobile Mass Notification Trailer System. (Courtesy of KOTV)

Genasys vs. Siren-Only System – Menlo Park, CA

Atherton and Menlo Park, CA fire, police and public safety officials experience the superiority of a Genasys Mass Notification system versus a siren installation.

Long Range Mass Notification – South Korea

The voice broadcast range of the LRAD 360X is tested at 1,700 meters. (Courtesy of LUMIN Vision)

Genasys IPAWS Demonstration – San Diego, CA

Genasys Inc. and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) teamed to provide emergency management officials an online demonstration of Genasys’  LRAD 360XT solar-powered mass notification system receiving and broadcasting a test message from FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).

Genasys IPAWS-Compatible Emergency Warning Systems – Puerto Rico

Genasys systems were ordered under the first phase of a Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) funded critical infrastructure project . The systems feature solar power and satellite connectivity, ensuring continuous operation if the power or communications infrastructure fails. The FEMA project is part of a larger program to provide a standard, unified mass notification system for Puerto Rico’s populated areas, and to speed disaster response and recovery.
(Courtesy of WFOR, WAPA and FEMA)

Genasys Mass Notification System Test Newport Beach, CA – West Newport Park


Genasys’ Zonehaven – New Evacuation Management System

As dry conditions lead to growing fear, a new tool is emerging to help first responders and the public: The real-time resource, called Zonehaven, is designed to be the single place for sending and receiving information during hazardous events.

Alameda County, CA Connects to Genasys’ Zonehaven System

Fight Fire with Tech – Zonehaven

Marin County, CA Uses Genasys’ Zonehaven for Evacuation Management

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