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Genasys Inc. Well-Positioned to Support Member Nations to Fulfill EU Public Warning System Directive

Unified Genasys Critical Communications Platform Provides Complete EU Directive Solution

SAN DIEGO, CA – February 19, 2020 – Genasys Inc. (NASDAQ: GNSS), a global provider of critical communications solutions, today announced that presentations of the Company’s technologically-advanced public warning system are being well-received by EU member nations evaluating solutions that fully comply with the European Electronic Communications Code EU Directive (Article 110).

The directive requires all EU member nations implement a public warning system that delivers geo-located emergency communications through mobile telecom networks that enable reverse 112 capabilities. The deadline for compliance is June 2022.

“The European Union recognizes the increasing importance of critical communications systems to keep citizens, visitors and tourists safe during emergency situations,” said Richard S. Danforth, Chief Executive Officer, Genasys Inc. “Genasys provides the unique combination of technologies and expertise that best address the EU directive.”

Genasys’ National Emergency Warning System (NEWS) can be deployed directly on multiple mobile carrier networks across location-based SMS and Cell Broadcasting channels to send emergency communications, alerts and notifications to anyone, anywhere with no opt-in.

Messages are managed and delivered through the Genasys cloud-based command console or mobile app. Dynamic maps, traffic information, weather forecasts, and sensors for earthquakes, flooding, landslides, fires and other IoT capabilities are integrated into the app command console. The powerful geo-location capabilities of NEWS enable emergency management officials to send hyper-specific alerts to populations in different areas.

Based on the network of mobile carriers, NEWS sends thousands of alerts per second nation-wide, regionally or locally. By targeting only crisis-affected populations, NEWS delivers urgent, location-specific information to save lives. NEWS also monitors the number of people moving in and out of an at-risk area to more effectively scale an emergency response.

NEWS – Reach, Reliability, Speed and Open Interoperability

Reach Everyone

  • Deliver urgent and life-saving communications to everyone who needs it
  • Location-based SMS and Cell Broadcasting channels include everyone in a crisis-affected area
  • No opt-in, app download or device configuration required to receive alerts
  • Tourists and visitors also receive alerts and notifications
  • Maximum performance and prioritization of emergency traffic to prevent system overloads and delays

Multi-Channel Reliability

  • The more channels used the more likely everyone will receive the critical information
  • Digital channels: SMS, text, email, in-app messaging, social media
  • Other channels: CAP, radio, TV
  • Audible channels: recorded voice calls, LRAD® speaker arrays
  • Accessible for people with disabilities

Total Control & Speed

  • Manage messages and campaigns from a cloud-based command center or mobile app
  • Monitor population density and movements in real time
  • Track delivered alerts and notifications pending
  • National, regional or local system control

Open Interoperability

  • Deploy directly in multiple carrier networks
  • Support for CAP, WMS, SMPP, SNMP, SMTP and other protocols
  • Integrate across multiple communication channels, emergency agencies and data sources
  • Integrate with proprietary solutions through open APIs

Visit Genasys NEWS for more information about systems and the EU directive.

About Genasys Inc.
Genasys™ is a global provider of critical communications solutions to help keep people safe. During public safety threats and critical business events, the Company’s unified platform of LRAD® systems, Critical Communications as a Service (CCaaS) software and integrated solutions provides a multi-channel approach to deliver geo-targeted alerts, notifications, instructions and information before, during and after crisis situations.

Genasys critical communication systems are in service in 72 countries around the world in diverse applications, including public safety, national emergency warning systems, mass notification, defense, law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection and many more. For more information, visit

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